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Steam in Bosnia, May 2010

Fabrice Lanoue reports on his visit:

April 29th:

Kakanj - 62-366 was seen in steam at Catici waiting for duties between the mine and the ZFBH station about 19.00.

May 1st, 2nd, 3rd

No regular steam on the mines (extended holiday)

May 1st:

62-638 (?) was seen in steam in SSL (Soda factory)

May 2nd:

No steam activity in Bukinje except 33-504 in steam for a charter train Tuzla-Banovici (Astra Travel-Fedecrail).
In Banovici, Skoda 19-12 and 62-677 were 'cold' outside but the bad news is that a green diesel is now in use for shunting here!
In Oskova (narrow gauge) 83-158, with tender 159 and 55-99 were in steam. In the afternoon, 55-99 hauled a Banovici-Glivice charter.

May 3rd:

Steam special Banovici-Turija with 83-158. 
Late afternoon seen 62-638 (with plates 644!) with wagons between Soda Factory and Lukavac ZFBH station (junction)

May 4th:

Bukinje: 62-123 steamed for some some running tests with 33-248 under overhaul.

Dubrave: 33-236 shunted and left the mine (13.00) with a coal train to Ljubace mid-day and returned with empties. There was a second turn around 18.50.

Sikulje: 33-064 arrived in Lukavac station with coal train from Sikulje and returned with empty wagons to the mine (16.30).

Rob Dickinson