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Steam in Bosnia, 2004

Olivier Foiche reports:

Kakanj : 060 T 62-020 shunting, 62-366 under repair and 62-031 dumped (reserved by French group)

Zenica mine : 62-633 shunting

Zenica steelworks : 62-380 and 62-520 in use (the passenger train was steam train !), 62-362 plinthed at the entrance, 62-314/316/361/372/373/374 out of used
Banovici : narow gauge 060 T 25-29/31/32 and 082 83-181 out of use, 25-30 awaits repairs, 83-158 heavy overhaul, 83-159 cold, 25-33 in use at Oskova
standard gauge 060 T Skoda 19-12 in use, 060 T 62-125/677 cold and 080 T Fives Lille 144R03 dumped Durdevik : no steam action (coal is sold to Croatia and is transporting by trucks)

Mramor : like Durdevik

Bukinje : the mine is closed. In the shed, I saw 62-376/637 and 210 german kriegslok 33-503 cold, 33-064 under minor repair and 33-504 dumped.

Sikulie : 33-216 was shunting. Sadly, a diesel engine (661) comes now inside the mine to bring the train to Lukavac and then Kreka

Dubrave : 33-248 shunting

Kreka mine people said to me that they have 10 steam engines (5x62 and 5x33) and don't want to buy diesel engine at this time. A 62 from Breza is actually under overhaul at Bukinje shed and they loan a 62 engine to Breza mine during overhaul

Tuzla line and Bihac line are reopened.

Rob Dickinson