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Steam in Bosnia 2002

Regular correspondent Zoran Veresic reports on a tour with IntraExpress in Bosnia (and Serbia) from 18th to 26th May.

Class 83 diagram

Canton Zenica

Coal mine Breza 26 km from Sarajevo uses steam locos in service, class 62. 62-363 working, 62-672 not serviceable, this loco have to go to Zenica for total repair.

Ironwork Vares (47 km from Sarajevo), works only 10 % from pre war level. Working locomotive here is 62-370, serviceable with small repair 62-320 (in the shed) and 62-317 out of service in industrial station Vares. As ironworks for transport don't need steam locos this locomotives can be seen in action only as a charter for groups. At the end of the industrial station a 900 mm gauge steam loco build by Jung 11989/1953, 0-4-0T was left when this railway is closed.

Coal mine Catici (Kakanj) use steam locomotives for shunting at the industrial station and for pulling heavy coal trains on 1,5 km line to state station Kakanj. Working loco was 62-366 (D.D. 366/1953) not working two original American build class 62 ex USTC 62-020 & 031.

Coal mine Zenica (67 km from Sarajevo)have 5 steam locos of class 62, working one was 62-650, 62-633 serviceable but reserve, 62-003 (American build by Porter, 7418/1942, ex USTC 1262), 62-648 out of depot not in use for a long time.

Ironwork Zenica is a home of minimum 15 steam locos of class 62, two of them are working 62-373 and 680, 62-362 is placed as a monument at the main gate of ironwork.

Class 62

Canton Tuzla

Tuzla is a capital city of Canton, 110 km from Sarajevo.

Coal mine Djurdjevik, 17 km from Tuzla have only one steam loco 62-111, ex loco of coal mine Banovici, loco is not working all the time but when coal mine have enough coal to export which means two or three time a month.


Coal mine Banovici, 25 km from Tuzla. On standard gauge working locos are 62-677, 62-125 and Skoda 19-12. On narrow gauge 83-158, 83-159 is on total repair, Skoda 25-32 & 33 working.


Coal mine Kreka depot Bukinje the last steam depot with "Krieglocs" two trains a day one in morning and one in the evening. Working locos here are class 33 (ex DB 52) or class 62. When we visited Bukinje working loco was 62-376 and 33-064.

Class 33

At coal mine Mramor working loco was 62-123, at coal mine Dubrave 62-216 and coal mine Sikulje 62-248.

Chemical factory "Soda" Lukavac, 14 km from Tuzla is a home of two class 62, 62-644 and 62-638, both serviceable but not in use all the time.

Coke factory Lukavac still have three Belgium steam locos build by "ENERGY" numbered as 11, 12 & 13 build 1952 (factory numbers 523, 524 &525.) Only no. 13 is in use as stationary boiler.


Rob Dickinson