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Steam in Bosnia, October 1999

Between 17th and 20th October 1999, a group from the Warwickshire Railway Society and Enthusiast Holidays made a visit organised by 'Balkan Steam' to Bosnian coal mines in Tuzla and Banovici.

October 18th 1999

The group visited Banovici coal mine, standard and narrow gauge. On standard gauge they had a chance to see 62-125 working in Oskova station. Other steam locos were cold, 62-677 fresh painted was in the station as reserve loco with Skoda 19-12 left and waiting for repair. French 0-8-0T, 144 R 03 was at the same place as last year, and according to manager of Banovic coal mine loco will not be repaired. 62-111 was not in Banovici, we found it in Bukinje depot under general overhaul

62125, October 1999

On the narrow gauge, 760 mm in station Oskove Skoda- CKD 25-31 was working from station to the end of the line, diesel 740-107 was working from station Gljivice to Oskova. Loco 83-159 was under a light repair that day, so the group had to come back the next day to see this loco working.

25-31 October 1999

In Banovici depot 83-158 for an Austrian museum line was still under repair, the Austrians want to build a completely new boiler and date of finishing this loco is unknown. Group also visited old station Banovici where two locos were left as monuments; 83-157 and 55-99, 0-8-0T, 5599/1947, ex MAV class 490, both in terrible condition. All vital parts from 83-157 was removed for working 83-159. After visiting coal mines around Tuzla on 19.10. group got back to Banovici to Gljivice station to take pictures of 83-159 which was working that day in Gljivice station.

55-99, October 1999

Ocxtober 19th 1999

The group visited Bukinje depot, where ex JZ 33-064 was working on coal train for Tuzla power station. There was only one train that day and loco soon returned from power station with empty wagons.After that the group visited three coal mines which belongs to Kreka coal mine. First we visited Sikulje coal mine where 33-276 was working in the station. After that we went to coal mine Mramor to see 62-637, and lastly Dubrave coal mine with ex JZ 62-123. Levels of production in all coal mines are very low, maybe 20% of pre war level so steam activity is scarce. Managers of all coal mines wait to get second hand diesel locos and that will be end of steam in Tuzla region.

33-276, October 1999

62637 October 1999

Rob Dickinson