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Steam in Bosnia, August 1999/December 2000

These are 4 pictures courtesy of Pietro from his 2000 visit. The original August 1999 report follows.


62-381 crew

62-381 again

Breza mines

Pietro makes a brief report:

3rd August

Breza mine: there was just one class 62 at work in the morning, shunting briefly, coal was not coming out from the mine.

Akanj mine: According to what I was told there, no more steam locos are on work in the area, lorries are doing all the job now. I didn't take a picture of the abandoned class 62, lying there sadly.

Zenica mine: You need a permission to go in!! And I didn't know that, so when I saw from the gate a train pulled by a class 62, I managed to find a way to go in despite not having a permit. A little bit away from the main gate, following the tracks, there is a second one, near a small hill, behind an area of little cute houses, and there, they let me go in. Just one class 62 - 003 was there, waiting.

5th August

Tuzla: Bukinje locoshed: this place is much more enjoyable than the Zenica area. Two classes are there, 62 and 33. It was a terribly hot day, we arrived there at 11 am, a bright class 33 was there look like she was waiting for us. She was beautiful indeed, all shining! All the workers were very nice, we had short rides, a complete run of the place.

33,and 62 together

33,and Bosnian friends

Rob Dickinson