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The Brest Railway Museum, Belarus

Torsten Schneider has provided the following list for the Brest steam locomotives (it is known to be not quite complete) - * = construction date according to the worksplate:

1. Broad gauge: Eu 699-45 (*1929), Er 743-76 (*1935), FD20-1237 (*1936), TE3-8026 (*1943), L-0009 (*1947), Su250-30 (*1948), SO17-3268 (*1948), 9P-14362 (*1953), P36-0050 (*1955), LV-0202 (*1956).

2. Standard Gauge: TE-074 (*1942), TE-335, TE-5608, TE-5945 (*1943), all of course German-made "Kriegsloks".

The pictures were taken in August/September 2008.


One Kriegslok good, four better

Elsewhere, this is P36-0111 on the central platform at Orsha station:

Rob Dickinson