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Heritage Tramway in Buenos Aires

For those with a broader railway interest, Ernesto Falzone writes (20th April 2000) "I am the Information Chief of the Association of Tramway Friends ("Asociación Amigos del Tranvía" - A.A.T.), from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The AAT is a non-profit association, where the tramfans work to preserve the old tram image. We have an heritage tramway service with 6 cars. 4 of these are vintage electric tramcars (2 ex-Oporto modified like 2 different Bs. As. models + 1 from Brussels + 1 ex-Bs. As. "F.M." type in restoring process) and the other 2 are old combined underground/street cars from our "A" underground route (U.Electric, Preston, 1912). Recently we have got our car Nr. 7, an old horse car from 1870 (J. Stephenson, U.S.A.) and we will begin with the restoration works. Our service run with free rides every weekend, along a street 1¼ mile loop, in the Caballito neighbourhood., the geographic center of Buenos Aires city. You can find more English information in our website We would like to invite you to include in your Argentina Tour our information as another Buenos Aires attraction to the railfans. We can program a special tram tour for your group."

Rob Dickinson