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China Trip Reports

The Trip Report Index shows links to various reports from 1998 until today. Reports may belong to other websites but will be opened in this window.

Main sections

Season 2014/2015 Season 2015/2016 Season 2016/2017 Season 2017/2018
Season 2013/2014 Season 2012/2013 Season 2011/2012 Season 2010/2011
Season 2009/2010 Season 2008/2009 Season 2007/2008 Season 2006/2007
Season 2005/2006 Season 2004/2005 Season 2003/2004 Season 2002/2003
Season 2001/2002 Season 2000/2001 Season 1999/2000 Season 1998/1999

Season 2017 / 2018 / 2019 ( July 2017 - onwards ) :

File Pics,
Date Author Content added
china695.htm   February 2019 Grégoire Brossard Sandaoling July 5th 2019
china694.htm   January 2019 Ian Hopkins and Stephen Szwejkowski  Sandaoling January 24th 2019
china693.htm   January 2019 Wolfgang Klein Sandaoling January 18th 2019
china692.htm   December 2018 Dave Habraken Sandaoling January 18th 2019
china691.pdf P December 2018 Ameling Algra Sandaoling, Rongshan January 2nd 2019
china690.htm   December 2018 John Athersuch Sandaoling January 2nd 2019
china689.htm   November / December 2018 Duncan Cotterill Sandaoling December 7th 2018
china688.htm P October / November 2018 Roger Croston Sandaoling November 27th 2018
china687.pdf P October 2018 Stehane Grant Sandaoling October 30th
china686.htm April 2018 John Raby Wujiu April 29th
Sandaoling 2018 P January 2018 John Raby Sandaoling January 23rd
china685.htm P December 2017 - January 2018 Trevor Maxted Sandaoling January 17th
china684.htm P December 2017 Dave Habraken Sandaoling January 7th
china683.htm P December 2017 Martn B0chnig Baiyin, Xifeng, Wujiu December 27th
china682.htm P December 2017 Ian Hopkins Sandaoling December 18th
china681.htm November - December 2017 Duncan Cotterill Wujiu, Sandaoling December 16th

Season 2016 / 2017 ( July 2016 - June 2017 ) :

File Pics,
Date Author Content added
China Tour 2017 P March 2017 John Raby Sandaoling, Shibanxi April 21st
2017/03/Wujiu /Sandaoling P March 2017 James Stearn Wujiu, Sandaoling (separate reports) March 27th
china680.htm P March 2017 Harada Keisuke Shibanxi, Wujiu March 24th
china679.htm P March 2017 Trevor Maxted Sandaoling March 24th
china678.htm P January 2017 Roger Croston Diaobingshan, Sandaoling March 2nd
tripreport_22016trip2.html P January 2017 Peter Haworth Jiutai, Pingzhuang, Sandaoling. (Part of a much bigger trip taking in non-steam locations. The link is to part 2, covering Jiutai and Pingzhuang. Sandaoling is in part 3, which can be accessed from the link) January 3rd
2016/03/report.htm P December 2016 Duncan Cotterill Pingzhuang, Wujiu, Sandaoling December 21st
china677.htm P August 2016 Roger Croston Fuxin, Pingzhuang August 23rd

Season 2015 / 2016 ( July 2015 - June 2016 ) :

File Pics,
Date Author Content added
tripreport_2016trip3.html P May 2016 Peter Haworth Fuxin (part of a much bigger trip taking in non-steam locations) May 15th
china676.htm P February- March 2016 John King Sandaoling, Shibanxi, Jiutai, Fuxin, Pingzhuang April 13th
china675.htm P Dec 2015, Feb 2016 Ameling Algra Sandaoling April 12th
china674.htm P March 2016 Harada Keisuke Jiutai,Diaobingshan, Fushun,Tianjin, Fuxin and Pingzhuang March 23rd
jraby/chinareportfeb-mar2016 P Feb-Mar 2016 John Raby Fuxin, Fushun, Jiutai, Sandaoling, Shibanxi March 20th
china673.htm P February-March 2016 Michael Reilly Fuxin, Fushun, Jiutai, Dahuichang, Tianjin March 7th
china672.htm February 2016 Ian Hopkins Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Sandaoling March 6th
2015/05/report.htm P Dec 2015 Duncan Cotterill Fuxin, Sandaoling, Fushun, Pingzhuang Dec 16th
china671.htm P November 2015 John Athersuch Jiutai, Yakeshi, Fushun, Fuxin, Dengfeng, Tianjin Nov 29th
tripreport_2015.html P September 2015 Peter Haworth Jiutai, Hengdaohezi, Harbin, Tumen, Fushun, Fuxin, Luopoling, Dahuichang Oct 11th

Season 2014 / 2015 ( July 2014 - June 2015 ) :

File Pics,
Date Author Content added
china670.htm P Feb, Mar 2015 Roger Croston Baiyin, Sandaoling, Fushun, Fuxin, Pingzhuang June 19th
china669.htm P April 2015 Peter Maynard Fuxin April 17th
china668.htm P March 2015 Sandro Vigato Sandaoling,Shibanxi March 28th
shixi2-3-2015.html P Mar 2015 John Raby Shibanxi Mar 21st
fuxin2-3-2015.html P Mar 2015 John Raby Fuxin Mar 16th
ping2-3-2015.html P Mar 2015 John Raby Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan Mar 16th
sand2-3-2015.html P Mar 2015 John Raby Sandaoling Mar 8th
baiyin2-3-2015.html P Feb, Mar 2015 John Raby Baiyin Mar 8th
china667.htm Feb 2015 Ben Kletzer Sandaoling, Pingzhuang Feb 27th
jraby/chinareport11-14.html P Nov 2014 John Raby Honglu, Shibanxi, Rongshan, Sandaoling, Baiyin Feb 14th
tripreport_epictrip.html P Oct, Nov 2014 Peter Haworth Rongshan, Pingzhuang, Jalainur, Fuxin, Fushun, Sandaoling Feb 14th
2014/08/report.htm P Nov, Dec 2014 Duncan Cotterill Fuxin, Sandaoling Jan 29th
china666.htm Dec 2014 Dave Habraken Sandaoling Jan 6th
china665.htm P Aug 2014 Ameling Algra Guangyuan (Rongshan) Aug 28th
china664.htm P,M July 2014 Shibata Taro Linghai (Jincheng Reed Railway), Fuzhouwan (Salt Railway), Dalian Aug 26th

Season 2013 / 2014 ( July 2013 - June 2014 ) :

File Pics,
Date Author Content added
china660a.htm   Feb, Mar 2014 Roger Croston Sandaoling, Pingzhuang and Fuxin Apr 2019
china662.htm P,M May 2014 Michael Reilly Fushun "Old" Steelworks May 10th
china663.htm P Apr, May 2014 David Thomas Beijing, Fuxin, Shenyang, Fushun, Tianjin, Lanzhou, Guangyuan (Rongshan), Mojiang/Caoba Jun 28th
trip-reports/sandaoling-2 P,M,V Mar 2014 Vikas Chander Sandaoling Jul 12th
2014/02/report.htm P Mar 2014 Duncan Cotterill Baiyin, Tiehejinchang, Beijing May 23rd
tripreport_nextlasttrip.html P Feb 2014 Peter Haworth Yuxia, Sandaoling Mar 9th
china661.htm P Feb 2014 Ameling Algra Sandaoling, Shibanxi Mar 30th
china658.htm P Feb 2014 Trevor Maxted Pingzhuang, Fuxin, Tiefa (Diaobingshan) Mar 9th
china659.htm P Jan 2014 Peter Crush Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, Tangshan Mar 19th
Chinese%20Steam P Jan 2014 James Stearn Sandaoling, Pingzhuang, Fuxin Apr 17th
Chinese%20Steam?updated P Jan 2014 James Stearn Tiefa (Diaobingshan) Apr 17th
steam-in-China-Sandaoling+Fuxin+Tiefa-2014 P Jan 2014 Bernd Seiler Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Sandaoling Feb 23rd
china657.htm P Jan 2014 Ben Kletzer Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Sandaoling Feb 10th
mom2tiefa.html P Dec 2013 John Raby Tiefa (Diaobingshan) Dec 8th
mom2fuxin.html P Dec 2013 John Raby Fuxin Dec 8th
mom2ping.html P Dec 2013 John Raby Pingzhuang Dec 3rd
mom2sand.html P Nov 2013 John Raby Sandaoling Dec 2nd
mom2baiyin.html P Nov 2013 John Raby Baiyin Dec 2nd
2013/10/report.htm P Nov, Dec 2013 Duncan Cotterill Sandaoling, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Fushun Jan 18th
mom2shixi.html P Nov 2013 John Raby Shibanxi Dec 2nd
tripreport_last.html P,M Nov 2013 Peter Haworth Tianjin, Yuxia, Sandaoling, Beijing Dec 2nd
china656.htm P Oct 2013 Michael Reilly Tianjin Oct 24th
china655.htm P Sep 2013 Felix Sun Hanwang, Mianzhu Sep 28th
china653.htm P Aug, Sep 2013 Michael Reilly Guangyuan (Rongshan) Sep 20th


July, Aug 2013 Dave Habraken

<--(in Flemish)
Yemao, Chayan, Guangyuan (Rongshan)

Guangyuan (Rongshan)
Sep 24th

May 16th

Season 2012 / 2013 ( June 2012 - June 2013 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china325.htm P May 2006,
Apr 2013
Wilson Lythgoe Suileng May 20th
china324.htm P,M Apr 2013 Wilson Lythgoe Xinglongzhen May 19th
china651.htm P,M Oct 2012,
Apr 2013
Felix Sun Mianzhu, Hanwang Jun 16th
steam-in-China-Rongshan-narrow-gauge-2013-03 P,M Mar 2013 Bernd Seiler Guangyuan (Rongshan) Apr 7th
china649.htm P Mar 2013 Michael Reilly Tianjin Mar 18th
china652.htm P Mar 2013 Roger Croston Baiyin, Wujiu, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Fuxin Jun 3rd
china650.htm P Feb, Mar 2013 Ameling Algra Sandaoling, Baiyin Mar 18th
china648.htm P Nov 2012 Trevor Maxted Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Fuxin, Sandaoling, Baiyin Dec 18th
steam-in-China-Sandaoling+Fuxin-2012.html P Nov 2012 Bernd Seiler Sandaoling, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fuxin, Yaobanshan, Pingzhuang Dec 1st
2012/11/report.htm P Nov 2012 Duncan Cotterill Bajiaotai, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Sandaoling Dec 9th
china323.htm P Nov 2012 Wilson Lythgoe Yongchuan Dec 18th
china322.htm P Nov 2012 Wilson Lythgoe Jianghe Dec 18th
strangemoves.html P Nov,Sep 2012 Wilson Lythgoe and "Zebedee contact" via John Raby Shibanxi Dec 18th
china647.htm Nov 2012 Ian Hopkins Baiyin, Sandaoling, Fuxin, Bajiaotai, Sishui Nov 21st
china4-2blog.html P Nov 2012 John Raby Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Fuxin, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Bajiaotai, Jincheng Nov 12th
china4blog.html P Oct 2012 John Raby Sishui, Sandaoling, Baiyin Nov 4th
china646.htm Oct 2012 Hans Schaefer Shibanxi Oct 23rd
china645.htm V Aug, Sep 2012 Isao Kanda Guangyuan (Rongshan), Hanwang, Shibanxi, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fuxin Oct 23rd
china644.htm Jul, Aug 2012 Bill Alborough (forwarded to Neil Edwards) Beijing, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fengshuigou, Fuxin, Sujiatun, Fushun, Shibanxi Sep 14th
china643.htm July 2012 Bill Alborough (forwarded to Neil Edwards) Baiyin, Sandaoling Aug 8th
china642.htm Jun, Jul 2012 David Thomas Wujiu, Fula'erji, Jiutai, Jilin, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fushun, Hongmiao, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fuxin, Bajiaotai Aug 2nd
china640.htm P June 2012 Michael Reilly Bajiaotai July 1st

Season 2011 / 2012 ( July 2011 - May 2012 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china637.htm P May 2012 Michael Reilly Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang May 17th
china638.htm P May 2012 Peter Semmelroch Shibanxi May 20th
china636.htm Apr 2012 David Thomas Luizhou, Guiyang, Lanba, Shibanxi, Mianzhu, Hanwang, Qinghua, Nanjing, Zhenjiang May 6th
china635.htm P Mar, Apr 2012 Isao Kanda Fuxin, Fula'erji, Jalainur, Pingzhuang, Hongmiao, Yuanbaoshan Apr 23rd
china633.htm P Mar 2012 Michael Reilly Jixi Mar 20th
bagou2012.html P Mar 2012 John Raby Shibanxi Apr 5th
shibanxi2012.html P Mar 2012 John Raby Chengdu, Mianzhu, Hanwang, Jianghe, Yongchuan, Guangshunchang, Mojiang Apr 5th
china641.htm P Feb, Mar 2012 Roger Croston Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Fuxin, Beipiao, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Beitai, Fula'erji, Wujiu, Baiyin July 11th
China_2012-02_Trip-Report_E.pdf P Feb, Mar 2012 "Tanago" Sandaoling, Yamansu, Urumqi, Gongchangling, Beitai, Benxi, Fula'erji, Wujiu Mar 20th
china634.htm P Feb 2012 Shibata Taro Pingzhuang, Hongmiao, Yuanbaoshan Mar 20th
china632.htm P Jan 2012 Michael Reilly Qian'an Jan 17th
steam-in-China-s-deserts-Sandaoling+Baiyin-2012.html P Jan 2012 Bernd Seiler Sandaoling, Yamansu, Baiyin Feb 21st
china631.htm P Dec 2011 Michael Reilly Fuxin Dec 21st
china630.htm Dec 2011 Peter Semmelroch Diaobingshan (Tiefa), Dongtonghua, Sujiatun, Beitai Dec 21st
steam-in-NE-China-Beitai+Pingzhuang+2011.html P Dec 2011 Bernd Seiler Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Pingzhuang, Fuxin, Diaobingshan (Tiefa), Sujiatun, Beitai, Dongtonghua Jan 12th
china628.htm P Nov 2011 Chris Yapp Sandaoling, Beitai Nov 28th
china629.htm Nov 2011 Barry Buckfield Shibanxi, Sandaoling, Beitai, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao Dec 10th
2011/11/report.htm P Nov 2011 Duncan Cotterill Fula'erji, Shenyang, Sujiatun, Beitai, Fushun, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Sandaoling Dec 11th
china627.htm M Oct 2011 Richard Turkington and Keith Strickland Beitai, Fushun, Beipiao, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, Baiyin, Sandaoling Nov 9th
china626.htm P Oct 2011 Ameling Algra Shibanxi Nov 9th
sandaoblog.html P Sep, Oct 2011 John Raby Baiyin, Sandaoling, Shankou, Fuxin Oct 8th
steam-in-China-steelworks-Beitai+Sujiatun-2011.html P Sep 2011 Bernd Seiler Sujiatun, Beitai, Fushun Oct 8th
china622.htm P Sep 2011 Michael Reilly Baiyin Oct 8th
china624.htm P Aug, Sep 2011 Dave Fielding Beitai Nov 21st
china623.htm P Aug 2011 Dave Fielding Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fuxin Oct 30th
china621.htm P Aug 2011 Michael Reilly Sishui Sep 18th
china620.htm P July 2011 Michael Reilly Guanlin Aug 5th

Season 2010 / 2011 ( July 2010 - June 2011 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china619.htm P June 2011 Andy Fisher Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Hongmiao July 9th
china618.htm P May 2011 Trevor Maxted Shibanxi, Baiyin June 4th
narrow-gauge-steam-in-China-2011-05.html P Apr, May 2011 Bernd Seiler Jixi, Huanan, Shibanxi, Xingyang May 16th
china321.htm P Apr 2011 Wilson Lythgoe Xuchang May 14th
china617.htm Mar, Apr 2011 David Thomas Yanzhou, Zoucheng, Sishui, Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Mianchi, Yima, Luoyang, Xi'an, Xingyang, Shijiazhuang, Jixi, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Meihekou, Shenyang, Beitai, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fuxin, Bajiaotai, Nanpiao, Huludao May 14th
china296.htm P Mar, Apr 2011 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Shibanxi Apr 7th
china320.htm P Mar 2011 Wilson Lythgoe Mojiang May 14th
china615.htm Mar 2011 Michael Bleckmann Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Fuxin, Beitai, Huanan, Jixi Apr 5th
china616.htm P Feb, Mar 2011 Roger Croston Baiyin, Sandaoling, Yamansu, Shibanxi, Fuxin Apr 18th
china614.htm Feb, Mar 2011 Rick Coles Fuxin, Beipiao, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Pingzhuang, Baiyin, Sandaoling Mar 12th
china613.htm P Feb, Mar 2011 Isao Kanda Guanlin, Yiyang, Yuzhou, Xingyang, Zoucheng, Huanan, Jixi, Huludao, Bajiaotai Mar 12th
china610.htm P Jan 2011 Trevor Maxted Sandaoling, Baiyin Feb 14th
steam-in-north-east-China-2011-01.html P Jan 2011 Bernd Seiler Huanan, Jixi, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Beitai, Fuxin, Beipiao, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang Mar 17th
china606.htm P Jan 2011 Peter Semmelroch Xingyang – the End ? Jan 12th
china608.htm P Jan 2011 Chris Yapp Beipiao, Fuxin, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan Jan 23rd
china611.htm P Jan 2011 Roger van Duijnhoven Zoucheng, Sandaoling Mar 8th
china612.htm P Jan 2011 Adrian Freeman Xiaoyotou, Maogang, Jianghe, Mojiang, Shibanxi Mar 8th

Dec 2010,
Jan 2011
Dave Habraken
<--(in Flemish)
Jixi, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Beitai, Yanzhou, Sishui Jan 16th
Feb 14th
china609.htm P Dec 2010 "Zebedee" Guangyuan (Rongshan) Jan 30th
china604.htm P Dec 2010 Ameling Algra Xingyang, Jixi Jan 3rd
2010/20101121-cn.htm P,M Nov, Dec 2010 Duncan Cotterill Sandaoling, Huanan, Jixi, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fuxin, Beipiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao Dec 20th
steam-in-China-Sandaoling-Yamansu-2010-11.html P,M Nov 2010 Bernd Seiler Shibanxi, Sandaoling, Yamansu, Baiyin, Tiefa (Diaobingshan), Fuxin Jan 6th
china603.htm P Nov 2010 Michael Reilly Xingyang Nov 8th
china605.htm P Oct & Aug 2010 "Salmon fishing enthusiast" Guangyuan (Rongshan) Jan 4th
china602.htm P Sep 2010 Michael Reilly Zoucheng Sep 17th
steam-in-China-Huanan+Jixi-2010-08.html P Aug, Sep 2010 Bernd Seiler Huanan, Jixi Sep 17th

Season 2009 / 2010 ( July 2009 - June 2010 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china599.htm P Apr 2010 Peter Semmelroch Xingyang, Pingdingshan (Yuzhou), Guangyuan (Rongshan) May 2nd
china600.htm Mar, Apr 2010 David Thomas Buddha Valley, Sandaoling, Meijiaping, Yanzhou, Zoucheng, Dalian, Jixi, Shenyang, Hongmiao, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Beipiao, Fuxin, Huludao, Qinhuangdao May 16th
china595.htm P Mar, Apr 2010 Rick Coles Zoucheng, Shibanxi, Sandaoling Apr 11th
china598.htm P Mar, Apr 2010 Isao Kanda Sandaoling, Meijiaping, Shibanxi, Xingyang, Nanpiao, Huludao, Yuanbaoshan May 2nd
china291.htm P Mar 2010 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Shibanxi Mar 24th
china596.htm P Mar 2010 Colin Martindale Huanan, Jixi, Fuxin, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Shijiazhuang, Sandaoling Apr 11th
china601.htm P Mar 2010 Dave Fielding Panzhihua, Chongqing, Xiaba, Maogang, Zoucheng, Yanzhou, Jixi, Tangshan, Qian'an, Qinhuangdao June 9th
2010/20100301-cn.htm P Mar 2010 Duncan Cotterill Jixi, Baiyin Mar 25th
jixi10.htm P Mar 2010 Robin J. Gibbons Jixi Mar 26th
china597.htm P Feb, Mar 2010 Dave Fielding Baiyin, Sandaoling Apr 29th
china593.htm P Feb 2010 Ameling Algra Sandaoling Feb 21st
steam-in-China-Jixi+Huanan-2010-01.html P Jan 2010 Bernd Seiler Jixi, Huanan, Beitai Feb 15th
china594.htm P Dec 2009,
Jan 2010
Derek Jenkins Jixi, Suileng, Sandaoling Apr 11th

Dec 2009,
Jan 2010
Dave Habraken
<--(in Flemish)
Shankou, Sandaoling, Jixi, Huanan, Beitai Jan 14th
Jan 26th
culturen%20Sandaoling.htm P Dec 2009 Dave Habraken (in Flemish) Sandaoling Jan 26th
china591.htm P Dec 2009 Shibata Taro Tiefa, Dalian Jan 14th
steam-in-China-Sandaoling-2009-12.html P Dec 2009 Bernd Seiler JiTong, Sandaoling, Yamansu, Baiyin, Gongwusu, Nanpiao, Fuxin, Tiefa, Meihekou, Sujiatun Jan 14th
china589.htm P Nov 2009 Peter Semmelroch & Wolfgang Klein Jixi Dec 5th
china590.htm P Nov 2009 Wolfgang Klein Sandaoling, Jixi Dec 8th
2009/20091118-cn.htm P Nov 2009 Duncan Cotterill Sandaoling, Huanan Dec 5th
schaefer/Sandaoling.html Nov 2009 Hans Schaefer Sandaoling Dec 5th
china588.htm P Oct, Nov 2009 Trevor Maxted Nanpiao, Bajiaotai, Huanan, Jixi Nov 24th
china587.htm Oct, Nov 2009 Barry Buckfield Jixi, Tiefa, Fuxin, Nanpiao, Beipiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao Nov 22nd
steam-in-China-2009-10.html P Oct, Nov 2009 Bernd Seiler Jixi, Huanan, Tiefa, Nanpiao, Bajiaotai, Beipiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan Dec 1st
china586.htm P Oct 2009 Ameling Algra Jixi, Huanan Nov 15th
china585.htm P Aug, Sep 2009 Wilson Lythgoe Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Bajiaotai, Nanpiao, Huanan, Jixi, Tiefa Oct 15th
china584.htm Aug, Sep 2009 Roger Blundell Nanpiao, Tiefa, Jixi, Meihekou, Yuanbaoshan, Baiyin Oct 4th
July 2009 P July 2009 John Raby Gongchangling, Nanpiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan (and non-steam industrial narrow gauge) Aug 9th

Season 2008 / 2009 ( July 2008 - June 2009 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china263.htm P June 2009 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Shibanxi June 30th
china579.htm P May 2009 Ronald Olsen Jinzhou Factory 701 May 16th
china582.htm P May 2009 Dave Fielding Fuxin, Beipiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao July 25th
china-narrow-gauge-railways-2009-05.html P May 2009 Bernd Seiler Shibanxi, Xingyang, Huanan, Xinglongzhen, Jixi Jun 30th
china581.htm P Apr, May 2009 Dave Fielding Jalainur, Huanan, Jixi Jul 3rd
china577.htm P Apr, May 2009 Ameling Algra Jixi, Tiefa May 16th
china580.htm P Apr 2009 Dave Fielding Chongqing Docks, Lanjiatou, Xiaba, Xiaoyotou, Sanhuiba June 1st
china583.htm P Apr 2009 Terry Andrews Jalainur, Dayan, Jixi, Nanpiao, Huludao Sep 12th
china578.htm Mar, Apr 2009 David Thomas Laiwu Dong, Zoucheng, Nanjing, Guiyang, Liupanshui area, Kunming area, Panzhihua, Baiyin, Gongwusu, Jalainur, Jixi, Beitai, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Beipiao, Fuxin, Qinhuangdao May 16th
china573.htm P Mar 2009 Ian Sutherland Tiefa Apr 5th
china576.htm Mar 2009 Richard Turkington and Keith Strickland Baiyin, Sandaoling, Jixi Apr 14th
china574.htm Mar 2009 "Zebedee"
(via John Raby)
Jiangjin, Goujiatou-Nanjiatuo, Sanhuiba, Qinghua Apr 5th
china572.htm P Mar 2009 "TW" Chongqing Mar 29th
china570.htm Mar 2009 Greg Howell Jixi Mar 27th
2009/20090228-cn.htm P Mar 2009 Duncan Cotterill Jalainur, Baiyin Mar 22nd
china571.htm Feb, Mar 2009 Ole Jensen Shankou, Sandaoling, Baiyin, Yaojie, Gongwusu, Baimasi, Xingyang, Yuzhou, Xinyai, Laiwu Dong, Zoucheng Mar 27th
china575.htm P Feb, Mar 2009 Roger van Duijnhoven Yanzhou/Zoucheng, Pingdingshan, Sandaoling, Jixi Apr 14th
china569.htm Feb, Mar 2009 Jeff Cartledge Gongwusu, Baiyin, Yaojie, Sandaoling, Jalainur Mar 27th
steam-in-china-2009-02.html P Feb 2009 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Baiyin, Zoucheng, Pingdingshan, PuBai (Pucheng - Baishui), Chenghe (Podicun), Meijiaping Mar 8th
china568.htm Feb 2009 Dave Gorton Jalainur, Baiyin, Sandaoling Mar 3rd
china567.htm P Feb 2009 Ameling Algra Jalainur, Jixi Mar 3rd
steam-in-china-2009-01.html P Jan 2009 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Tiefa, Fuxin, Nanpiao, Jixi, Huanan Jan 29th
china566.htm Jan 2009 Peter Semmelroch Taiyangcun, Fenghuang, Guanglin (Chayan), Liuzhou Steelworks, Luzhai Feb 18th
china563.htm P Dec 2008,
Jan 2009
Adrian Freeman Huanan, Jixi, Jalainur Jan 18th
Dec 2008,
Jan 2009
Dave Habraken
<--(in Flemish)
Jalainur, Jixi, Huanan Jan 18th
china562.htm P Dec 2008 Ameling Algra Jixi, Huanan, Tiefa Jan 14th
china561.htm P Dec 2008 "TW" Qixiashan Jan 4th
china560.htm P Dec 2008 Michael Rhodes Panzhihua, Tiefa, Jixi, Jalainur Jan 4th
December 2008 Report.htm P Dec 2008 David Kitching Jixi, Baotou, Shibanxi Dec 23rd
china556.htm P Nov 2008 "TW" Yanzhou Dec 7th
china555.htm Nov 2008 Jeff Cartledge Nanpiao Dec 5th
china558.htm Nov 2008 Barry Buckfield Baotou, Gongwusu, Baiyin, Sandaoling, Shankou Dec 16th
2008/20081115-cn.htm P Nov 2008 Duncan Cotterill Huanan, Jixi Dec 7th
china559.htm P Nov 2008 Derek Jenkins Fushun, Dalian, Jixi, Baiyin, Yaojie, Sandaoling, Futuyu Dec 18th
china557.htm Nov 2008 Jeff Cartledge Jixi, Jalainur Dec 10th
china554.htm P Nov 2008 Shibata Taro Laiwu, Xintai, Zoucheng, Yanzhou, Xingyang, Xinzheng Nov 20th
china260.htm P Nov 2008 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Jalainur Nov 19th
china565b.htm P Nov 2008 Dave Fielding Gongwusu, Baiyin, Sandaoling Feb 5th
china565a.htm P Oct, Nov 2008 Dave Fielding Jalainur, Jixi, Baotou Feb 5th
2008/20081005-cn.htm P Oct 2008 Duncan Cotterill Fushun, Mudanjiang, Dongtonghua Nov 17th
china553.htm P Oct 2008 Ameling Algra Jalainur, Baotou, Jixi Nov 17th
china552.htm P Oct 2008 Glyn Dawson Iowa, Illinois Nov 17th
china-steam-railway-tour-for-photographers-2008-10.html P,M Sep, Oct 2008 Bernd Seiler Xintai, Zoucheng, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Beipiao, Nanpiao, Fuxin, Baotou, Jalainur, Jixi, Tiefa Nov 17th
china551.htm P Sep 2008 Peter Semmelroch Xingyang Oct 14th
china550.htm P Aug 2008 "TW" Meijiaping Sep 17th

Season 2007 / 2008 ( June 2007 - June 2008 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china549.htm May, June 2008 Roger Blundell Shibanxi, Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Sandaoling, Baiyin, Nanpiao, Tiefa July 30th
china-2008-05-spring-steam.html P,M May 2008 Bernd Seiler Huanan, Jixi, Tiefa, Nanpiao July 4th
china545.htm P Apr, May 2008 Shibata Taro Lanxi, Shouchang, Shiheng, Laiwu May 11th
china546.htm P Apr 2008 Michael Rhodes & Vernon Murphy Baiyin, Sandaoling, Jixi May 11th
china547.htm P Apr 2008 Dave Fielding Changzhi, Zoucheng, Yanzhou, Shiheng-Chazhuang, Pingdingshan, Yuzhou, Jiangyou, Hanwang, Mianzhu, Yongrong, Shibanxi Jun 18th
Easter_2008.html P Mar, Apr 2008 David Longman Jalainur, Jixi May 5th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1377 P Mar 2008 Liu Xuejun Baotou, Baiyin, Sandaoling, Jixi, Jalainur May 5th
china544.htm P Mar 2008 Chris Yapp Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Yuzhou, Shiheng-Chazhuang, Sishui, Zoucheng, Yanzhou May 8th
china543.htm P Mar 2008 Colin Martindale Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Shibanxi, Mojiang, Ganshui, Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Zoucheng May 8th
china542.htm P Mar 2008 Roger van Duijnhoven Pingdingshan, Jixi, Jalainur, Nanpiao May 5th
china540.htm P Mar 2008 Ameling Algra Shibanxi, Sandaoling, Xingyang Mar 24th
china259.htm P Mar 2008 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Shibanxi Mar 18th
china538.htm Mar 2008 Peter Semmelroch Baotou, Baiyin, Liujiaxia Mar 18th
china-2008-03-SY+C2-steam.html P Mar 2008 Bernd Seiler Baotou, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Sanyuangzi (Lanzhou), Shibanxi, Yinghao, Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Panzhihua Jun 18th
china548.htm Feb, Mar 2008 Nelson Poots Baotou, Baiyin, Yaojie, Sandaoling, Shibanxi, Jalainur, Jixi, Nanpiao Jun 18th
baiyin.htm P Feb, Mar 2008 Robin J. Gibbons Baotou, Gongwusu, Baiyin Mar 23rd
2008/20080228-cn.htm P,M Feb, Mar 2008 Duncan Cotterill Baotou, Gongwusu, Baiyin Mar 18th
china539.htm P Feb, Mar 2008 Trevor Maxted Baiyin, Shibanxi, Nanpiao Mar 18th
china541.htm Feb, Mar 2008 Ian Juden Nanpiao, Jalainur, Tiefa, Shenyang May 5th
steam-in-china-2008-02.html P,M Feb 2008 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Nanpiao, Fuxin, Pingdingshan Feb 29th
china535.htm Feb 2008 Peter Semmelroch Yemao, Sancha, Guanglin (Chayan) Feb 17th
china534.htm Jan, Feb 2008 David Thomas Wuhan, Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Nanjing Feb 17th
January 2008 Report.htm P Jan 2008 David Kitching Pingdingshan, Sandaoling, Jalainur, Nanpiao, Beipiao, Pingzhuang Feb 17th
china-steam-winter-2008-01.html P Jan 2008 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Huanan, Jixi, Nanpiao Feb 17th
china533.htm Jan 2008 Wolfgang Klein Pingdingshan, Huanan Jan 27th
Dec 2007,
Jan 2008
Dave Habraken
<--(in Flemish)
Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Jingpeng, Pingzhuang, Jinzhou 701, Nanpiao, Huanan Jan 15th
china530.htm Dec 2007,
Jan 2008
Adrian Freeman Shibanxi, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Huanan, Fuxin, Jinzhou 701 & Nanpiao Jan 7th
china536.htm P Nov, Dec 2007 Graham Hancock Baotou, Baiyin, Sandaoling Feb 29th
2007/20071125-cn.htm P Nov, Dec 2007 Duncan Cotterill Beijing Railway Museum, Jixi, Huanan, Huludao, Nanpiao Dec 30th
china527.htm P Nov, Dec 2007 Derek Jenkins Pingdingshan, Xuchang, Xinxiang Narrow Gauges, Jalainur, Fushun, Meihekou, Fuxin, Pingzhuang Dec 7th
china537.htm P Nov, Dec 2007 Terry Andrews Xingyang, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Huludao, Nanpiao, Fuxin, Tiefa, Qingbaijiang (Chengdu Seamless Pipe Works), Shibanxi Mar 12th
china531.htm P Nov 2007 Dave Fielding Jalainur, Huanan, Jixi, Huludao, Nanpiao Jan 10th
china251.htm P Nov 2007 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Jalainur Dec 2nd
china525.htm P Nov 2007 Shibata Taro Laiwu Dong, Shiheng Chazhuang Dec 7th
china526.htm P Nov 2007 Greg Howell Xingyang, Yinghao Dec 7th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1334 P Oct, Nov 2007 Liu Xuejun Baotou, Baiyin, Sandaoling, Shibanxi, Pingdingshan, Jalainur Dec 2nd
china524.htm P Oct 2007 Sandro Vigato Jalainur, Jixi, Huanan, Tiefa, Huludao, Zoucheng, Pingdingshan Nov 14th
china523.htm Oct 2007 Tobias Schmidt & Jörg Ortlepp Zoucheng Steelworks, Zoucheng Yankuang, Sishui, Xuzou, Xingyang, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Huludao, Qinhuangdao Nov 11th
china522.htm P Oct 2007 Ameling Algra Jalainur, Huanan Oct 31st
china-steam-2007-09-100.html P,M Sep, Oct 2007 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Tiefa, Fuxin, Nanpiao, Jinzhou 701, Baotou, Baiyin, Sandaoling, Pingdingshan Oct 16th
china-steam-2007-09-sunflower.html P Sep 2007 Bernd Seiler Hegang, Huanan, Mudanjiang Bosenmuye, Jixi, Huludao, Jibei Railway (Yanzhou), Shandong Province (further steam locations), Zoucheng, Jinan Oct 9th
2007septchina.html P Sep 2007 Darryl Bond Huanan, Jixi, Huludao, Zoucheng Oct 9th
china521.htm P Aug, Sep 2007 Wilson Lythgoe Xinglongzhen, Hegang, Huanan, Pingdingshan, Yinghao, Shibanxi Sep 28th
china528.htm P July 2007 Dave Habraken Shibanxi, Ganshui, Hechi, Sancha, Yanzhou (Jining, Zoucheng), Xingyang, Pingdingshan Dec 19th
china520.htm P July 2007 Ameling Algra Shibanxi Aug 8th
sichuan.html P July 2007 John Raby Mojiang, Shibanxi, Yongrong, Yongchuan, Sichuan and Chongqing Provinces (further locations) July 20th
china519.htm P June 2007 Peter Munk Pingdingshan July 20th
china244.htm P,M June 2007 Rob and Yuehong Dickinson Shibanxi Jun 26th

Season 2006 / 2007 ( June 2006 - May 2007 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china518.htm May, June 2007 Roger Blundell Shibanxi, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, Sandaoling, Pingdingshan, Nanpiao, Dayan, Jalainur, Tiefa, Fuxin July 1st
china517.htm May 2007 Bernd Seiler Beipiao Jun 15th
china-steam-2007-05.html P,M Apr, May 2007 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Hegang, Huanan, Jixi, Fuxin, Beipiao, Nanpiao, Jinzhou 701, Huludao, Zoucheng, Jibei Railway (Yanzhou), Shandong Province (further steam locations) July 9th
china529.htm P Apr 2007 Chris Yapp Changzhi Dec 29th
china-steam-2007-03.html P,M Mar, Apr 2007 Bernd Seiler Hegang, Jixi, Shibanxi, Huangjinggou, Yinghao, Xingyang May 16th
china515.htm P,M Mar, Apr 2007 Michael Rhodes Shibanxi, Jixi, Hegang, Jalainur Apr 14th
2007/20070315-cn.htm P,M Mar 2007 Duncan Cotterill Jixi, Hegang, Jalainur Apr 14th
china513.htm Mar 2007 Barry Buckfield Shibanxi, Chengdu, Pucheng, Yinghao, Xingyang, Zoucheng, February 7 Apr 2nd
china512.htm Mar 2007 Simon Colbeck Zhenjiang Apr 2nd
china516.htm P Mar 2007 Dave Fielding Aiyouying, Qinghemen, Beipiao, Nanpiao, Jinzhou 701, Huladao, Lingyuan, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Chengde May 16th
china514.htm P Mar 2007 Dave Fielding Yinghao, Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Fushun, Fuxin Apr 14th
china511.htm Mar 2007 Tobias Schmidt Pucheng, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, Shibanxi Apr 2nd
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1323 P Mar 2007 Liu Xuejun Pingdingshan, Fuxin, Aiyouying, Qinghemen, Beipiao, Nanpiao, Huladao, Lingyuan, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Chengde, Jixi, Hegang Jun 15th
china510.htm Feb, Mar 2007 Ole Jensen Jixi, Hegang, Jalainur, Fuxin Apr 2nd
china509.htm P Feb, Mar 2007 Dave Fielding Sandaoling Apr 2nd
china508.htm P Feb 2007 Shibato Taro Hangzhou, Jingmen-Shashinan, Zhicheng Apr 2nd
china507.htm P,M Feb 2007 Michael Rhodes Zoucheng(Yanzhou), Yinghao Feb 15th
china-steam-2007-01.html P,M Jan 2007 Bernd Seiler Baiyin, Baotou, Huludao, Jinzhou 701, Nanpiao, Tiefa, Jixi, Jalainur, Dayan May 16th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1312 P Jan 2007 Liu Xuejun Jalainur, Jixi Jan 29th
2007/20070103-cn.htm P Jan 2007 Duncan Cotterill Chengdu, Jiangyou, Mianzhu, Hanwang, Shibanxi Jan 25th
bashi.htm P,M Jan 2007 Robin J. Gibbons BaShi Railway (Shibanxi) Jan 25th
china506.htm P Dec 2006, Jan 2007 Shibato Taro Yinghao, Shouchang Feb 15th
china504.htm Dec 2006, Jan 2007 Dave Habraken Jixi, Jalainur, Meihekou, Yanzhou (Jining/Zoucheng) Jan 29th
china505.htm Dec 2006, Jan 2007 Adrian Freeman Shibanxi, Huangjinggou, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Jixi, Hegang, Nanpiao Jan 29th
china502.htm Dec 2006 John Middleton Shanghai, N. of Chengdu (Pengzhou, Jiangyou, Mianzhu, Hanwang) Jan 14th
china-narrowgauge-2006-12.html P Nov, Dec 2006 Bernd Seiler Shibanxi, Huangjinggou, Xingyang, Yinghao, Huanan May 16th
china501.htm Nov, Dec 2006 Derek Jenkins Jianghe, Chongqing, Shibanxi, Sandaoling, Yinghao, Pingdingshan Jan 14th
nechina.html P Dec 2006 John Raby Nanpiao, Huludao, Meihekou, Hegang, Huanan, Jixi Jan 14th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1296 P Dec 2006 Liu Xuejun Jixi, Huanan, Shibanxi, Sancha, Xingyang, Pingdingshan Dec 19th, 2007
2006/20061120-cn.htm P Nov, Dec 2006 Duncan Cotterill Jixi, Huanan, Fuxin Jan 14th
china498.htm Nov 2006 Greg Howell Xinyang, Pingdingshan, Jalainur Dec 6th
china497.htm Nov 2006 Jan Schirling Jiayuguan, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Yaojie, Baotou Dec 6th
china496.htm Nov 2006 Shibato Taro Lanxi, Jining, Zoucheng Dec 6th
china495.htm Nov 2006 Jan Willem van Dorp Huanan , Jixi , Jalainur , Diaobingshan/Tiefa , Fuxin , Weihe , Nanpiao , Huludao , Shibanxi Dec 6th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1251 P Nov 2006 Liu Xuejun Jalainur, Huanan, Sandaoling Dec 19th, 2007
china503.htm Oct, Nov 2006 Markus Mayer Weihe, Jixi, Huanan, Sancha, Yemao, Huangjinggou, Shibanxi, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Yima and Xingyang Jan 25th
china493.htm Oct 2006 Barry Buckfield Hegang, Huanan, Jixi, Nanpiao, Jinzhou 701, Huladao, February 7th, Buddha Valley Nov 14th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=1190 P Oct 2006 Liu Xuejun Nanpiao, Jixi, Huanan, Hegang, Jalainur, Meihekou Dec 19th, 2007
china492.htm Sep 2006 Markus Meyer Jixi, Huanan, Sancha-Luocheng Nov 14th
china491.htm Sep 2006 Ameling Algra Liujiaxia, Shibanxi Nov 27th
china-steam-2006-09.html P,M Sep 2006 Bernd Seiler Weihe, Yabuli, Tiefa, Huanan, Jixi, Nanpiao Oct 17th
china490.htm Sep 2006 John Agnew Sandaoling, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Shibanxi Oct 27th
china489.htm Sep 2006 Christopher Yapp Huanan Oct 10th
Sep 2006 Dave Habraken
<--(in Flemish)
Jixi, Liuzhou, Sanch-Luocheng, Liupanshui, Wangjiazhai, Ganshui, Podicun, Pucheng, Meijiaping, Baiyin, DaGu, Baotou Oct 5th
Oct 27th
china486.htm P Sep 2006 Glyn Dawson Jixi, Weihe, Tiefa, Xinyang, Yinghao, Daba-Guyaozi, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Yaojie, Shibanxi, Panzhihua, Mianyan, Futuyu Oct 17th
(link updated 28/12/2014)
P Sep 2006 Peter Haworth Zoucheng(Yanzhou), Xingyang, Yima, Yinghao, Liujiaxia, Yaojie, Shibanxi Oct 17th
china483.htm Sept 2006 Roger van Duijnhoven Pingdingshan Oct 5th
china484.htm Aug 2006 Ameling Algra Shibanxi Oct 5th
china494.htm (file lost) Jul 2006 "Orpington" Bei`an-Heihe, Kunming Nov 14th
china485.htm July 2006 Shibata Taro Zaozhuang, Zoucheng(Yanzhou) Oct 5th
china482.htm June 2006 Roger Blundell Shibanxi, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, Pingdingshan, Hegang, Jalainur, Tiefa, Nanpiao Jul 31st

Season 2005 / 2006 ( June 2005 - May 2006 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china481.htm May 2006 Wilson Lythgoe Suileng Forestry Railway Jun 25th
china480.htm May 2006 Colin Martindale Jalainur, Hegang, Huanan, Jixi, Tiefa, Yinghao, Yima, Pingdingshan Jun 25th
china488.pdf May 2006 Florian Menius QianGui (Guiyang-Jinchengjiang), Jingdezhen, Hangzhou-Zhuzhou, Baoji, Huashan, Lanzhou/HekouNan, Beijing(Shidu,Shacheng) Oct 5th
china242.htm P May 2006 Rob Dickinson Shibanxi Jun 25th
china478.htm May 2006 Tobias Schmidt Daba-Guyaozi, Baiyin, Jixi, Huanan Jun 13th
china476.htm April 2006 Bruce Evans Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Tongling, Shaoxing May 9th
china-steam-2006-04.html P April 2006 Bernd Seiler Baotou Steelworks, Daba-Guyaozi, Baiyin Apr 25th
cn-2006-03.htm P March 2006 Duncan Cotteril Beijing, Meihekou, Jixi, Harbin, Zhalainuoer Apr 13th
china477.htm March 2006 Ole Jensen Da-Gu, Liujiaxia, Sandaoling, Yima, Yinghao, Pingdingshan May 15th
china475.htm March 2006 Sammy King Feb 27 Wagon Works, Pingdingshan, Yinghao, Yima, Xingyang, Sujiatun, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Huanan, Hegang, Jalainur Apr 3rd
china474.htm March 2006 Chris Yapp Suileng, XingYang, XinMi, Yima, Yinghao, Changzhi Mar 28th
jun-railjourney/read.php?id=974 P March 2006 Liu Xuejun Shibanxi, Yinghao, Xingyang, February 7th, Pingdingshan, Sujiatun Loco Repair Factory, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Hegang, Jalainur Dec 19th, 2007
(link updated 28/12/2014)
P February 2006 Peter Haworth Hegang, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Meihekou Mar 9th
china-steam-2006-01.html P,M January 2006 Bernd Seiler Huanan, Jalainur, Baotou, Daba-Guyaozi, Nanpiao, Meihekou, Fushun, Tiefa, Yuanbaoshan, Xuanhua, Baiyin, Yaojie, Yima, Yinghao, Xingyang, Pingdingshan, Kaifeng Feb 28th
china473.htm January 2006 Jan Schirling Pingdingshan, Xinyang, Daba-Guyaozi, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Jiayuguan, Sandaoling, Beijing/Qian´an Mar 6th
china472.htm P,M January 2006 Michael Rhodes Jixi, Yaojie, Baiyin, Changzhi, Xingyang Feb 28th
china471.htm January 2006 Bruce Evans Kunming, Anshun, Guiyang, Zhicheng, Pucheng, Haishiwan, Mianchi, Yinghao Feb 28th
china479.htm P December 2005 Roger H.Johnson Shibanxi Jun 16th
Trip_Report_China_Christmas_2005.html P December 2005 David Longman Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Huludao, Jixi, Mudanjiang Jan 19th
china469.htm P December 2005 Till Mosler Weiyuan, Shibanxi, Podicun, Xingyang, Handan, Huanan, Jixi Jan 30th
china468.htm December 2005 Peter Semmelroch Pucheng, Daba-Guyaozi, Baiyin, Yaojie, Liujiaxia, Sandaoling Jan 30th
china467.htm M December 2005 Dave Habraken Jixi, Jalainur, Baotou, Daba-Guyaozi, Yaojie, Pingdingshan Jan 19th
china466.htm December 2005 Florian Menius Kunming, Hainan, Hangzhou-Zhuzhou, Shuangyashan, Jixi Jan 24th
china465.htm November 2005 Dave Fielding Changzhi Dec 23rd
china464.htm November 2005 Derek Jenkins Qian`an, Tangshan, Pingxiang, Jalainur, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Hegang, Huludao, Nanpiao, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan, Baotou, Daba-Guyaozi, Yaojie, Liujiaxia, Sandaoling, Baiyin Dec 23rd
china463.htm November 2005 Barry Buckfield DaGu, Baiyin, Yaojie, Liujiaxia, Sandaoling Dec 13th
china462.htm November 2005 Roger Johnson DaGu, Baiyin, Yaojie, Liujiaxia, Sandaoling Dec 12th
china461.htm November 2005 Greg Howell Huanan, Shanghai Dec 12th
china460.htm November 2005 Tony Eaton Shibanxi, Pingdingshan, Xingyang Dec 6th
china459.htm November 2005 Dave Whitfield Yamansu, Sandaoling, Haishiwan, Liujiaxia, Baiyin Dec 6th
cn-2005-11.htm P November 2005 Duncan Coteril Yamansu, Sandaoling, Haishiwan, Liujiaxia, Baiyin Dec 1st
china660.htm P October 2005 Dave Fielding Looking back at Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, Tangshan Mar 21st,
china457.htm October 2005 David Thomas Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Yinghao, Yima, Xingyang, Pindingshan, Baiyin, Liujiaxia, Haishiwan, Ganshui Nov 28th
china456.htm October 2005 Peter Semmelroch Febr 7th, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang Nov 28th
china455.htm October 2005 "Orpington" Yunnan Metre Gauge Nov 28th
china454.htm October 2005 Till Mosler Weiyuan, Shibanxi, Podicun, Xingyang, Handan Nov 28th
china453.htm October 2005 Mungo Stacy Shibanxi, JiTong Nov 28th
china452.htm October 2005 John Raby Shaoxing Nov 28th
china451.htm October 2005 Erik Rydström Tongchuan, Diantou, Pucheng, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan, Jixi Nov 28th
china450.htm October 2005 Gernot Gmeinhart Pingdingshan,Xingyang,Yinghao,Yima,DaGu,Huanan,Jixi Nov 2nd
china449.htm October 2005 Ameling Algra JiXi, Huanan, Hegang Nov 2nd
china448.htm P October 2005 Michael Rhodes Jitong, Xilongzhen, Suileng, Meihekou Nov 2nd
china447.htm October 2005 Hans Schäfer JiTong Oct 21st
report-china-2005-10.html P October 2005 Bernd Seiler JiTong Nov 28th
report-china-2005-09.html P,M October 2005 Bernd Seiler Dahuichang, Benxi, Nanpiao, Suileng, Huanan, Hegang, Qian´an, Lujiatun Nov 28th
china446.htm September 2005 Chris Yapp Pucheng-Baishui, Yinghao, Yima, Xi'nan, Xingyang, Shangjie, February 7th Oct 11th
china445.htm P September 2005 Dave Fielding JiTong, Pingzhuang, Nanpiao, Huludao Oct 10th
china444.htm September 2005 Paul Molyneux-Berry Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, Ji-Tong, Nanpiao, Huludao, Dahuichang, Pingdingshan Oct 6th
china443.htm P September 2005 Hsiang Tseng Jianghe, Yongrong, Weiyuan, Mojiang, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, YaoJie, Sandaoling Oct 4th
china442.htm September 2005 John M.Middleton Guiyang, Anshun, Hangzhou, Shaoxing Oct 4th
huanan.htm P,M September 2005 Robin Gibbons Huanan, Hegang Oct 4th
cn-2005-09.htm P September 2005 Duncan Cotteril JiTong, Huanan, Hegang Sep 22nd
report_china-2005-08.html P August 2005 Bernd Seiler JiTong, Malin, Pingzhuang Aug 31st
china441.htm P August 2005 Sandro Vigato Meihekou, Fushun, Benxi, Fuxin, Tiefa, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan Sept 5th
china440.htm August 2005 Roger Blundell Hegang, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan Aug 31st
china439.htm P July 2005 Michael Rhodes Xingyang, Daban-Chabuga Aug 1st
china438.htm July 2005 Ole Jensen Jixi, Jalainur, Dayan, JiTong Jul 19th
china437.htm July 2005 Dave Davidoff Dahuichang, Xingyang, Pucheng-Baishui, Liujiaxia Jul 19th
china436.htm June 2005 Julien Blanc Jingmen - ShashiNan Jun 17th

Season 2004 / 2005 ( June 2004 - May 2005 ) :

File Pic Date Author Content added
china435.htm May 2005 Wilson Lythgoe Xingyang, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Shiyan, Shibanxi, Haishiwan, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, DaGu Jun 9th
china434.htm May 2005 John Raby Jixi, Huanan, Xingyang, Yinghao, Xinmi Jun 8th
china433.htm May 2005 Roger Blundell Shibanxi, Liujiaxia, Baiyin, Pingdingshan, Guye(Tangshan), Fuxin, JiTong, Dayan, Tiefa Jun 17th
china432.htm April 2005 Ameling Algra Xingyang, Yinghao, Shibanxi May 9th
china431.htm P,M April 2005 Louis Cerny Xinjiang Province, Qinghai Province, Haishiwan May 4th
china430.htm April 2005 Roy Bowden Shanghai, Qishuyan, Changzhou, Nanjing, Fuyang, Yanzhou Area, Pingdingshan May 4th
china429.htm M April 2005 David Kitching Hegang, Huanan, Tiefa, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan Apr 27th
china05.htm March 2005 Trevor Heath Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Dahuichang, BuddhaValley Apr 11th
report_china-easter-2005.html P,M March 2005 Bernd Seiler JiTong, Yuanbaoshan Apr 11th
trip.htm March 2005 Mark Carter JiTong, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang Apr 15th
china428.htm March 2005 Derek Jenkins Xinxiang, Pingdingshan, Luohe-Fuyang, Yongcheng, Fuxin, Benxi, Waitoushan, Fushun, JiTong, Pingzhuang Apr 18th
china427.htm March 2005 Chris Yapp JiTong, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan Apr 18th
china426.htm March 2005 Howard Moffat Pingdingshan, Tiefa, Yuanbaoshan, JiTong Apr 15th
china425.htm March 2005 Greg Howell Yinghao Apr 6th
china424.htm March 2005 Martijn Niesen Wuchang Steelworks Apr 6th
china423.htm March 2005 James van Bokkelen JiTong, Xuanhua, Pingdingshan, Xingyang Apr 6th
china421.htm M March 2005 Florian Menius Baiyin, YaoJie, Sandaoling, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Wanyuan, Shibanxi, Ganshui, Ma`anshan, Zhenjiang Apr 11th
china420.htm March 2005 Peter Patt
Jan Schirling
Ganshui, Longchang-Luzhou, Weiyuan, Shibanxi, Chengdu, Mojiang, Panzhihua, Tianjin, Tangshan Mar 29th
cn-2005-03.htm P,M March 2005 Duncan Cotterill Meihekou, Jixi, Dayan, Jalainur Mar 29th
(link updated 28/12/2014)
P February 2005 Peter Haworth Pingdingshan Mar 29th
china419.htm February 2005 John Middleton Lueyang, Tongchuan West, Meijiaping, Pingdingshan Mar 29th
china418.htm P February 2005 Hsiang Tseng Ji`an, Buddha Valley, Beijing, Baotou, Tongchuan, Tiefa, SongYi, Zhicheng, Daye Mar 29th
china422.htm January 2005 Andrew Fisher Beijing, Chongqing, Tianjiecun, Sancha Apr 6th
report_china-winter-2005.html P,M January 2005 Bernd Seiler Sandaoling, Liujiaxia, Daba-Guyaozi, Tongchuan, Pucheng, Podicun - Chenghe, Tiefa, Meihekou, Benxi, JiTong Feb 24th
bja-2005-01.htm P January 2005 Bryan Acford Pingdingshan, Yuzhou, Xingyang, Tiefa, Lindong, Yuanbaoshan Feb 13th
china416.htm P January 2005 Peter Munk Anyang Feb 11th
china415.htm P,M January 2005 Michael Rhodes Sandaoling, Liujiaxia, Yaojie, Baiyin, Yaoqu, Pucheng, Pingdingshan Feb 8th
report_china-newyear-2005.html P,M January 2005 Bernd Seiler JiTong, Xuanhua Jan 11th
cn-2005-01.htm P January 2005 Duncan Cotterill Yanzhou, PeiTun, Tienchen, Xuzhou, Pingdingshan Jan 11th
china413.htm January 2005 Adrian Freeman Huludao, Nanpiao, Benxi, Fushun, Meihekou, Hegang, JiTong Jan 31st
china417.htm Dec 2004 Dick Walker Fenghuang, Laibin, Sancha-Luocheng, Jinchenjiang, Dulaying, Anshun, Shuicheng Feb 21st
Trip_Report_China_Christmas_2004.html P December 2004 David Longman Hegang, Huanan, Meihekou, Huludao Jan 5th
china412.htm December 2004 Dave Davidoff Benxi, Yuanbaoshan, JingPeng, Daban, Lindong, Beijing, Handan, Pingdingshan, Yinghao Jan 24th
china411.htm December 2004 Andrew Forster JiTong, Pingdingshan Jan 21st
china414.htm M December 2004 Jan Schirling Benxi, Meihekou, Qiqihar, Jalainur, Dayan, Xinlongzhen, Hegang, Huanan, Jixi Feb 3rd
china406.htm M December 2004 Florian Menius Jixi, Huanan, Dayan, Jalainur Jan 7th
china405.htm December 2004 Roger van Duijnhoven Dahuichang, Pingdingshan, Zhungeer, JiTong Jan 3rd
china404.htm P December 2004 Russ Barber Zhenjiang, Ma'anshan, Pingdingshan, JiTong, Dahuichang, February 7th Loco works Dec 23rd
china403.htm December 2004 Derek Jenkins Hegang, Huanan, Jixi, Mudanjiang, Tiefa, Fuxin, Pingzhuang, JiTong, Baotou, Baiyin, DaGu Dec 20th
cn-2004-12.htm P December 2004 Duncan Cotterill JiTong Dec 16th
china408.htm M Sept-Nov 2004 Jan Willem van Dorp Tiefa, Meihekou, Beitai, Fuxin, Yuanbaoshan, JiTong, Yinghao, Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Shibanxi Jan 4th
china410.htm October 2004 Stephen Haupert JiTong Jan 14th
china407.htm November 2004 John Flynn JiTong Jan 4th
china400.htm M November 2004 Stephan Thierfelder Liujiaxia, Baiyin, DaGu, JiTong Dec 3rd
china398.htm November 2004 Peter Semmelroch Laibin-Heshan, Sancha, Yemao, Jinchengjiang, Ganshui Nov 18th
china395.htm P,M November 2004 Jeremy Wainwright Shankou-Yamansu, Sandaoling, Liujiaxia, Tongchuan Western Division, Huangling-Diantou, Yinghao Nov 18th
china238.htm P,M November 2004 Rob Dickinson Xingyang Nov 18th
china237.htm P November 2004 Rob Dickinson Shaoxing Nov 11th
china402.htm October 2004 David Thomas Hegang, Huanan, Jixi, Mehikou, Fuxin, Nanpiao, Reshui, Guda, Zhungeer, Tongchuan Dec 7th
china401.htm October 2004 Andrew Fisher Tongchuan West, Huangling, Pubai, Chengcheng, Hejin, Nanpiao, Pingzhuang, Meihekou, Yongcheng Dec 7th
china399.htm October 2004 Dave Fielding Baiyin, Baotou, DaGu Nov 24th
china394.htm October 2004 Ameling Algra Yinghao, Pingdingshan Nov 5th
china393.htm October 2004 Neil Edwards Hegang, Jixi, Tiefa, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang Nov 5th
china392.htm October 2004 Bernd Seiler Zhenjiang, Tangshan Nov 5th
report_china-oct-2004.html P October 2004 Bernd Seiler Pengzhou, Luzhou, Shibanxi, Weiyuan, Jinchengjiang, Sancha, Laibin, Xingyang, Yinghao, Zhenjiang Oct 26th
china391.htm M September 2004 Jan Schirling Xuanhua, Handan, Xinzheng, Xingyang, Yinghao, Mianchi, Yima, Xin`an, Yanzhou, Xuzhou, Yongcheng, Ma`anshan Oct 18th
china390.htm September 2004 Derek Jenkins Yinghao, Mianchi, Xin`an, Changzhi, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, JiTong Oct 15th
china389.htm M September 2004 Florian Menius Nanpiao, Huludao, JiTong, DaGu, Baiyin, Changzheng, Liujiaxia-HekouNan, Podicun, Pucheng, Tongchuan Oct 21st
china388.htm September 2004 Heinrich Hubbert Tiefa, Hegang Oct 13th
china387.htm September 2004 Charles Towler Meihekou, JiTong, Baiyin, Pingdingshan Oct 13th
china386.htm September 2004 Bruce Evans Yuanbaoshan, JiTong, Tiefa, Tangshan Oct 13th
china385.htm P September 2004 Michael Rhodes Yinghao, Yima, Xinan, Ma`anshan, Zhenjiang, Huanan, JiTong Oct 13th
cn-2004-09.htm P September 2004 Duncan Cotterill Yuanbaoshan, JiTong, Huanan Oct 13th
report_china-sept-2004.html P September 2004 Bernd Seiler Jalainur, Huanan, Meihekou, Nanpiao, JiTong Oct 13th
trip-report_china-08-2004.html P August 2004 Bernd Seiler Xuanhua, JiTong Oct 13th
china384.htm August 2004 Michael Rhodes JiTong Sept 6th
china383.htm August 2004 Peter Patt Yanzhou, Huainan, Yongcheng, PeiTun Aug 31st
china382.htm August 2004 Dave Habraken Tongchuan, Meijiaping, Yinghao, Shibanxi, Weiyuan, Jinchengjiang, JiTong Aug 23rd
china397.htm P,M July 2004 H.H. Wu Sandaoling Nov 18th
china396.htm P,M July 2004 H.H. Wu Baiyin Nov 11th
china381.htm July 2004 Jens T.I. Larsen Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan, JiTong Jul 30th
china380.htm July 2004 Carsten JiTong, Sandaoling (Hami) Jul 30th
china409.htm M June 2004 Jan Willem van Dorp Nanpiao, Huludao, PeiTun, Xingyang Jan 4th
china379.htm P June 2004 John A.Kirchner Zhenjiang, Ma`anshan Jul 23rd
china377.htm P,M June 2004 Warwick Mead Tiefa, Baiyin Jul 20th
china376.htm June 2004 Roger Blundell Hegang, Tiefa, Meihekou, JiTong, Fuxin, Nanpiao Jul 2nd
df-en-china-6-2004.html P June 2004 Bernd Seiler Dahuichang, Huludao, Nanpiao, JiTong Jun 16th
china232.htm P,M June 2004 Rob Dickinson Yinghao Jun 12th

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