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Steam in China - News

This page covers news up to June 2002

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New Reports (May 30th 2002)

Yinta-Hequ (May 29th 2002)

New info about Yinta - Hequ: They have only two QJ's in service. During the summer only one to two trains per month, in the winter season about two to four trains a week are common. The region is situated in a closed area by military reasons and you should have a permit. The ATP is obtainable from CITS Taiyuan, but the other necessary permit from the military police is not easy to get. Till now I didn't find a solution to get this permit.

info by Bernd Seiler

Jixi Coalmines (May 29th 2002)

The coalmines around Jixi have got 23 SY in total. Neither dieselisation nor electrification planned currently. Visits may be difficult after numerous accidents (gas explosions) in the coalmines. Three different companies are active - all with steam locos.

New Report (May 24th 2002)

New Report (May 14th 2002)

Chengde Steelworks Line (May 11th 2002)

3 DF4B diesels (DF4 7673-7675) have arrived. They entered operation between Chengde and Shuangtashan stabling point/exchange yard on May 10th 2002. The Shuangtashan-Gantang Steelworks section remains steam.

New Report (May 10th 2002)

New Report (May 3rd 2002)

Steelwork Maps (May 3rd 2002)

8 Steelworks Sketch Maps drawn by Jan Schirling are online now. See Steelworks Index.

New Report (April 19th 2002)

New Reports (April 16th 2002)

Steelworks in China (April 11th 2002)

Steelworks expert Jan Schirling (guess his job ...) provide a collection of Steelwork Reports. All reports are available both in German and English language. Each Steelwork Report includes a Sketch Map of the Steelwork (some maps are not available yet due to problems with the graphics but will be added soon). The following Steelworks are covered :guess his job ...guess his job ...

New Reports (Apr 11th 2002)

JS in Shanghai (Apr 11th 2002)

New Report (April 10th 2002)

China Steam Summary (April 8th 2002)

Two EXCEL - files that show my personal rating of remaining steam locations in China. 3 categories (possible without guide, guide necessary, unexplored / light traffic).

New Report (April 3rd 2002)

New Report (March 30th 2002)

New Report (March 27th 2002)

China Updates (March 27th 2002)

Some extracts from the NEWSGROUP :
Had a stopover in Fuxin on March 18th 2002 from 6 AM to 1 PM.
Steam service on CNR seems to have ended. No signs of steam at both the loco depot and the state railway station - here we spotted SY's with transfers from the industial railway where steam is still in use at a rather high level.
Only the passenger service had some reductions compared to earlier reported. The two morning passengers heading south to Minzu has been reduced to only one train. If the same has happend to the two trains in the afternoon I cannot say.

Johs. Damsgaard Hansen, Mar 20th 2002

Pingzhuang and Yuanbaoshan
Pingzhuang system Pingzhuang system Pingzhuang system
11 SY and 3 JS seen including JS 1001 in steam plus KD6 487 dumped. A good open cast system. No access problem plenty of action. Pit is electrified alla Fuxin. Steam on works trains and to deep mines.

20mins drive from Chifeng. Excellent new discovery. 9 active JS, most with full deflectors, one with high ones, one with none. Mixed passenger with 6 coaches twice a day. 5 engines in steam on day of visit. Line serves 3 deep mines to power station and to CNR connections at both ends of line. One of branches is vvv steeply graded alla Chengde but worked by one thrashed JS. Pass leave at 0700 and crosses a nice river bridge approx 0720.

Simon Colbeck, Mar 19th 2002

Pictures (Courtesy of Johnathan Allen, see NEWSGROUPS -Photos section, too) :

JiTong Line - Benhong Visits
I just got the news that local police at Benhong now strictly enforces the no-foreigner-allowed-policy at Benhong because it is not an open area for foreigners!
In the past it made no problems to visit the small shed and to walk around freely in the station area. Now you are just allowed to stay on the platform...

Peter Patt, Mar 4th 2002

Sad news from Dongsheng: 16 DF4s are in service right now and have replaced all QJs from line services. Only 2-3 engines are used for local shunting at Dongsheng.

Peter Patt, Mar 1st 2002

New Reports (March 25th 2002)

No Updates (February 15th 2002)

I leave for China today. This website will not be updated for the next weeks.

If you want to keep informed during this time, please join the "Steam_in_China" - YahooNewsgroup (free of charge). I`ll publish latest news through the Newsgroup during my absence.

To sign in, please go to : YahooNewsgroup : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Steam_in_China

Florian Menius

Maps : Zhanhe, Weihe, Hegang (February 14th 2002)

Maps by Bernd Seiler :

Songshuzhen (February 13th 2002)

Weihe (February 12th 2002)

Mark Lanham reports :

"On 9/02 at Dongfeng the railway staff showed us a notice from the forestry bureau giving the working over Chinese New Year for the Weihe line :

At this time of the year a full day can be spent intercepting the inbound passenger and following it out and back. Road conditions are currently good and we were taking 20 minutes from Dongfeng to the second crossing before Chonghe.

China Rail Timetable by Duncan Peattie (February 12th 2002)

New : CNR Timetable Oct 2001 in English (by Duncan Peattie) New

JingPeng Mafia (February 11th 2002)

February 2002: Chairman Mung of Jingpeng Local Government expressed that the 50 Yuan per day is an OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT levy per day per person, justified as the same sort of fee that you would pay if you visit the Summer Palace & all tourist attractions in China. Thus, he has his pockets filled by your money, too. Corruption is rising!
There are plans to rise the fee, too.

It does not change anything regarding payment of the fee ! Do not pay for a photo license unless you are forced to do so, for example by police men. Do not forget to note the name or passport no. number of the Chinese involved ! FM

Anshan Steelworks (Februray 8th 2002)

Till Mosler from Anshan (via email) :

"YJs and PLs no longer in use and probably scrapped. Staff pointed to the blast furnace when asked for 2-6-2 locos... Replacement locos are GK diesels in the 6000s series. Number of operable SY is said to be a total of 21 locos! Only a handful of steam locomotives still shunt around the well known blast furnace No.10."

Dahuichang Maps (February 8th 2002)

Andreas Illert has provided two maps :

New Reports (February 6th 2002)

Yinta-Hequ Local Railway (January 28th 2002)

Yinta looks even more complicated now :

(information by Mr.Zhang/CITS via Peter Patt)

New Reports (January 28th 2002)

China_Rail Newsgroup (January 24th 2002)

Yahoo - Newsgroup China_Rail : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/China_Rail 

Zhangwu CNR (January 23rd 2002)

Steam at Zhangwu has ceased, too.

(Information by Peter Patt/CITS)

New Report (January 21st 2002)

Snippets (January 21st 2002)

Shuangyashan : Dieselisation is expected in May/June 2002 Shuangyashan Shuangyashan

Yantogshan-Baishanzhen : 2 JS (from Tonghua?) are based here. 1 JS hauls the freight train with the other one being spare engine. The daily passenger train is DF4 hauled.

New Report (January 16th 2002)

New Report (January 15th 2002)

Bachmann Shop Beijing (January 14th 2002)

The Bachmann Shop in Beijing has moved. Its new address will be added later.

information by Ronald Olsen

New Report (January 13th 2002)

New Report (January 12th 2002)

Chengde Steelworks Branch (January 12th 2002)

The first diesels are expected in April 2002 !! The new line which will be situated north of the existing line is under construction now. (information by RD, Colin Hussey) The first diesels are expected in April 2002 !! The first diesels are expected in April 2002 !!

New Reports (January 12th 2002)

Tonghua Steam Situation (January 11th 2002)

Information by CITS / Peter Patt :

"1 JS each shunting at Tonghua, Hunjiang, Wangou. Tonghua-Hunjiang totally dieselized.
JS hauled trains run only between Songshuzhen-Quanyang-Erdaobaihe and Baishanzhen-Huandian-Yantogshan.
Additional diesel-locomotive drivers are being trained right now and steam will end "as soon as it gets warmer".

Shanhetun Forestry Railway (January 10th 2002)

Bernd Seiler : Shanhetun Forestry Railway Map 

JingPeng Photo Mafia (January 9th 2002)

Information by Hans Schaefer :

"I got the names of them, now even in Chinese. Details on my web page.

A Scan of their business card plus the names.

Mr LiuShuShan is the boss. He collected money since at least 1997, under three headings: Chifeng tourist bureau first, then Aodu travel service, then Keqi Tourist Bureau. He is now running HIS OWN GUIDE BUREAU!!!!
He was in prison some time because he did not pay the local police enough, but got out again after paying. His employees are the two who patrol the road now, Mr. E Erdun and driver Zhang Wenzhong.
They may actually have some connection with "Chifeng Foreign Affair and Tourist Bureau" (something else than CITS)."

Shenyang Railway Museum (January 6th 2002)

New Homepage : http://www.chemsir.com

Shuangyashan & Weihe (January 3rd 2002)

Peter Patt via e-mail from Weihe :

"We noted no DF1 at all. Railway mangement claims they have got 1 DF1 which is used for shunting somewhere along the line. A total of 4 DF7 are claimed be in use. We saw only 1 out of them on the line on a single day and waiting inside the depot on all other days. Everything else remains SY and QJ.
New Passenger Timetable
On Jan 1st 2002 a new timetable for passenger trains was introduced : All trains between Zhongxin and Lingdong (Trains 11-14) have been suspended. The same is valid for trains 21/22 (Zhongxin-Dongbaowei return) and 31/32 (Zhongxin-Dianchang return). (This means that 2 out of the 3 daylight passengers along the mainline have been cancelled !! FM).
New timings for the remaining funnel first trains ex Zhongxin :
Towards Shuangxing : T81 05:50 (arr.Shuangxing 08:28) , T83 12:30 (-15:00), T51 17:05 (-19:16)
Towards Fushan : T71 06:32 (-08:18) , T73 13:30 (-15:14)

Basically unchanged operation. Southbound empties during daylight, loads returing during the night. Locomotives are in bad shape : yesterday, a train of empties needed 4 hours for 25km because the loco repeatedly run out of steam and had to brew water ... Today, another loco failed at Xiping with broken cylinder rods.
It is unsure whether the railway will run in 2002/03 again. Though mangement hopes so, they had to realize, too that there will be almost no woods left next year."

Shuangyashan & JingPeng (January 2nd 2002)

Peter Patt via e-mail/SMS from Shuangyashan :

"Shuangyashan : The DF1s have dissappered again. Except for a single DF7, which is used very intensively, the system is steam worked again. Great weather with snow, sun and -30ÝC.
Jing Peng : Some 10 uphill trains per day during daylight. Photo mafia is very annoying !"

JiTong Photo Mafia (December 26th 2001)

Peter Patt via e-mail from JingPeng :

"We met them today. Very annoying and arrongant. They threated us to stay in our way or to call the police or to take our films away if we don't pay. We didn't pay of course but they were very agressive.
And they follow you wherever you are - in the afternoon they park with their car at the famous Xiakengzu bridge and wait for you. They drive up to the brickwork and climb up the hill just to collect the money!!! "

New Report (December 24th 2001)

JingPeng Photo License Mafia (December 24th 2001)

A Summary of Photo License Sellers around Reshui/ JingPeng 

JingPeng Mafia - "Keqi Tourism Bureau" (December 22st 2001)

The two persons of KTB who collect money are:
  1. Name: E Erdun , in Chinese--? ? ?
    Office Tel: 0476-5220746
    Office Fax::0476-5226914
    Home Phone:0476-5226837
  2. Name: Zhang Wenzhong , in Chinese--???(is driver.)
    His p.p call: 126-8350157

(information by Hans Schaefer)

New Report (December 20th 2001)

New Report (December 19th 2001)

Shanhetun (December 15th 2001)

Shanhetun ForestRailway on Dec 4th :
Due to too warm wether the logging has hot started yet. Only 004 was in steam. Eight locos were cold. (Six in shed ,two out of shed)

(information by NOBUKAZU FURUHASHI )

Dongsheng News (December 13th 2001)

Timings of the local train seem to have changed again. Times are approximate but Northbound it leaves Dongsheng at 9:00 and is at Shabazi at 10:20. Southbound it is at Singing Sands at 13:45 and Dongsheng at 15:30. It waits at Dongsheng until 16:00 and was seen arriving Aobaogou at 16:10 depart 16:15. I cannot help with other times for it. The train is technically now a mixed and the coaches so filthy that it is impossible for the occupants to see out.

The bad news from Dongsheng is that 6 new DF4's have arrived. They are Blue/cream and presumably of the same sub type as those at Baichi - numbers 9501 - 9506. They are being used quite intensively with consequent effects on steam. Trains are now roughly 50/50 steam and diesel. Dongsheng shed expects more diesels soon and to be able to eliminate steam by June.

(information by Derek Jenkins)

New Report (December 13th 2001)

Notification about changes (December 13th 2001)

The following steam locations have been removed from the steam locations list :

News (December 11th 2001)

Weihe : Passenger trains operate unchanged though logging has hot started yet. Logging is expected to start on Dec 20th 2001. Weihe Weihe

Tonghua : Dieselisation at Tonghua is expected for "mid 2002" (!!!) now.

Xinzhan will receive diesels after dieselisation at Tonghua (So : Xinzhan = last CNR steam depot in north China ?)

(information by Peter Patt / Mr. Zhang(CITS) )


DF4D 4055 is return at Baiqi now. Daban is 100% steam again.

(information by Hans Schaefer)

South China News (December 4th 2001)

Chongqing Steelworks : 3 XK tanks are still in daily use. 8-10 engines are serviceable. Chongqing Steelworks Chongqing Steelworks
Chenzhou-Jiahe ng rlwy : One train per direction and day only. The coal mine at Jiahe is nearly empty.Chenzhou-Jiahe ng rlwyChenzhou-Jiahe ng rlwy
Pingshi-Muchong : Business as usual with 100% JS. Rumors talk about dieselisation in Februaray 2002.Pingshi-MuchongPingshi-Muchong

(information by Till Mosler)

News (December 3rd 2001)

Xilin Mineral Railway closed in November 2001. Tracks were lifted shortly after.

(information by Bernd Seiler via email from Jiamusi)

News (November 26th 2001)

Weihe : Due to too warm weather the logging season will not start before late December 2001. Weihe Weihe

Railway Museum at Beijing Collection includes the first JS (JS 5001), Harbin`s MaoTseDong-QJ, several JF plus an KD56. The "museum" is no public one but controlled by military. Pictures :

New Reports

Electrification/ Opening of lines (November 23rd 2001)

Harbin-Shenyang(-Dalian) : Inaugural train Shenyang-Harbin ran on August 18th 2001 (as expected), hauled by an SS8 electric. Datong and Zhuzhou locomtive works are going to build 230 electrics for the whole line from Dalian to Harbin. Classes include SS4, SS8, SS9 and SS10. Catenary is a modified version of the German Re200 catenary (called Re200C), designed for 200km/h along the whole line (excluding side tracks with 100km/h). 14 substations have been built along the line. They are controlled by an remote control station in Shenyang.

Shenyang-Qinhuangdao High Speed Line : Due for completion until late 2002. Work is underway. Electric equipment is the same as for Harbin-Dalian. Line speed (both track and catenary) will be 200km/h with 20km designed for 300km/h (!!!). The line will be the first one in China for passenger trains exclusively.

Neijiang-Yibin-Kunming line : Construction started in 1998, completed Sept 2001. Electric traction is used.

China-Kyrgistan : A new line from Kashi (Xinxiang province) to Kyrgistan, crossing though Usbekiztan is planned. Construction will start in 2002.

JiTong Diesel Trials : The results (November 23rd 2001)

JiTong Line (November 21st 2001)

Information by Peter Patt (from CITS)

DF4D 4055 at Daban : only for traction trial ! Reason: during Winter time, more fuels have to be transported (insufficient number of steam locos is available). The diesel will return to Baiqi Depot again afterwards! Definitely no plans to purchase diesels at Daban, as buying diesels requires a lot of money. They still have to pay the bank loan. Nov 15-18th : 4 days of traction trial! The further use of the diesel during winter time is not decided yet.

Coming Winter, Daban says they will be quite busy due to fuel transportation along Jitong line. They absolutely refuse to have any special arrangments at the Pass at this time except for the Festival time and they say they will not hold any more like this as it is no good profit! Foreign visitors cannot pay enough money to match with their fuel transportation bookings!
JiTong Line will concentrate on operating the railway. They will not prepare any steam festivals in future!

New Reports (November 21st 2001)

JiTong Line (November 19th 2001)

Further information by Hans Schaefer (from Daban) :

Since November 17th, DF4D 4055 no longer has got a QJ attached to its trains. In both directions, it hauls 2350ton-trains. At the moment, it works Daban-Haoluku on even days, return on odd days passing the JingPeng Pass during daylight in both directions.

On Nov 18th, al least 2 QJ were seen returning from Shangdian to Jingpeng light engine in order to haul the followig train : lack of engines at Haoluku.

The swimming pool of the Railway Hotel at Reshui has opened. Visitors from other hotels have to pay 15Y. The "photo permit agents" often visit the restaurants at Reshui in the evening now (especially that one with the steam locomotive). They "sell" the same photo permit as valid for Daban depot visits. But, according to Aodu, this permit is for Daban depot only !

More details will be on Hans Schaefers homepage next week after his rearrival from China.

JiTong Line (November 14th 2001)

Information by Hans Schaefer from internet cafe at Daban, 15 Nov 2001 :

On Nov 13 the first DF4 arrived at Daban : Baiqi based DF4D 4055, for ten months trial runs to Haoluku!
Yesterday, it hauled the first revenue freight to Haoluku: DF4+3 freight cars+QJ+freight train. Today return from Jaoluku to Daban with 2350 tons freight, no helper over Jingpeng pass! Managers say they do not intend to buy new DF4 next year. You never know! From now on you will have at least one freight either east or westbvound over the Jingpeng pass with diesel! Everything else still steam.

QJ go to works every two years. From Daban, one is in Changchun, one in Sujiatun, one in Jinzhou (!!!), two in Mudanjiang. Intermediate repairs are still done in Fuxin, Dahushan, Zhangwu. Repair in Sujiatun costs 280.000 RMB. A new DF4 4 millioon RMB.

Daban : Staying overnight in Daban: Tiedao Binguan costs 64 RMB per night. Warm water is rahter cold, a bit run-down, but very close to the station and depot. Depot offers to sleep at their premises for 100 RMB plus 15 for food, too : OK, but no privacy. Warm water en masse at every time. Ask Heliwen for that.
Daban got new internet cafe ca 200 m down from stationm, road to the right 50 meter, in new shop on south side, 3 rmb per hour. Better computers than at shop near station.

Baiqi runs typically 4-5 DF4 and about 10 QJ to Benhong. Baiqi has got a Tiedao Binguan for 40 Y at the depot. Warm water, state otherwise very good.

Photography between Lindong and Yamenmiao not so good. Typical afternoon positions only.

New stations: Toudi west of Jingpeng does not exist (wrong on my page), Shangshuitou opened today. Hatashan and Sandi already open, with three tracks each.

New Report (November 13th 2001)

JiTong Railway & Dongsheng (November 12th 2001)

JiTong Railway JiTong Railway JiTong Railway

Roster (in-operation engines only, stored serviceable locos excluded ):

The photo permits issued at Daban depot are valid for Daban only (not for Chabuga and Baiqi). According to a number of persons at Baiqi and Daban no new diesels are expected at the moment. 5 out of 6 DF4s were in use at Baiqi in early November. Diesels have 3-men-crews just as QJs have, too. They run just as steam engines.

More details : Hans Schaefer : JiTong Line Update (Nov 2001)

Dongsheng : The DF4s worked south of Dongsheng, northwards QJs only. Passenger trains do not stop at Chiangshawen (Singing Sands halt) during winter (though advertised in the timetable).

information by Hans Schaefer (via email from Daban)

New Report (November 10th 2001)

Yinta-Hequ : Chinese Sources suggest that only 7 trains operate per month ! Yinta-Hequ : Chinese Sources suggest that only 7 trains operate per month ! Yinta-Hequ : Chinese Sources suggest that only 7 trains operate per month !

News (November 6th 2001)

Da`an Bei, Nov 1st 2001 : 2 QJs are still shunting, everything else is diesel (Bernd Seiler). Da`an Bei Da`an Bei

JiTong : New Passenger Timetable Oct 2001

New Report : Nigel Lawrence : Dahuichang, Wangdu

Baotou-Dongsheng-Daliuta (November 5th 2001)

Most smaller stations got or are getting new train control and signalling systems. Manual switches become electric ones, the switching posts are to be abandoned soon.

CNR Steam News (October 26th 2001)

Yebaishou Yebaishou Yebaishou
The final batch of diesels has not arrived at Yebaishou in mid October yet but they were "ordered". "Delivery" is expected within 4-6 weeks (mid /late November). The depot manager expects to have no QJs by January 1st 2002.

According to Tonghua depot management, the end of steam is expected for February 2002. They are waiting for diesels but due to "problems with electrification", it is unknown when they will arrive. On the other hand Tonghua depot got an order from Shenyang two weeks ago (mid October) to "repair all JS" in order to "keep them working".
Quanyang-Baihe section is expected to remain JS worked even after the end of steam at Tonghua. Quanyang subdepot will retain 6-7 JS.

(Information by P.Patt)

New Report (October 23rd 2001)

New Report (October 18th 2001)

New Report (October 16th 2001)

Headlines / Content

JiTong Line : more than 46 kms : Baiqi, Lindong, Chabuga JiTong Line JiTong Line
Shouzhou - Shenmu : alignment of railway linesShouzhou - Shenmu :Shouzhou - Shenmu :
Yinta-Hequ : QJ powered, spectacular local lineYinta-HequYinta-Hequ
Dongsheng : DMU and 2 DF4s in use, new passenger timetable since Sept 1st, passengers reverted to steamDongshengDongsheng
Wuhai-Jilantai : unchangedWuhai-JilantaiWuhai-Jilantai
Shenyang-Harbin Mainline : eletrification completed throughout !! lack of electric locomotivesShenyang-Harbin MainlineShenyang-Harbin Mainline
Yebaishou : arrival of 2001-built DF5sYebaishouYebaishou
Beipiao-YiXian (Fuxin CNR) : DF4Cs from Jinzhou have arrived, dieselisation to be completed by Oct 30th 2001 !Beipiao-YiXian (Fuxin CNR)Beipiao-YiXian (Fuxin CNR)
Tonghua : "Songhua River Gorge" Xianrenqiao-ZhubaogangTonghuaTonghua
Xinzhan-Dunhua : QJs still active, low trafic levels, further 2nd hand DF4Cs have arrivedXinzhan-DunhuaXinzhan-Dunhua
Da`an Bei : arrival of 24 DF4s !! steam to be eliminated by Nov 2001 !Da`an BeiDa`an Bei
Shuangyashan : unchanged, high freight volumeShuangyashanShuangyashan
Changchun Tramway : 2000-built railcars introduced, refurbished 1930s car still in useChangchun TramwayChangchun Tramway

New Reports (October 10th 2001)

New Report (August 13th 2001)

Baotou-Dongsheng-Daliuta (August 6th 2001)

Shenhua Corp. is going to order a Sifang built DMU for service on the Baotou-ShenmuBei line. Contract for the DMU, which will be similar (identical ?) to JiTong line`s units, will be signed on August 18th 2001. It is claimed that this will be in addition to the present daytime local passenger which has gone over to DF1's recently (I doubt about this given the low patronage of existing trains. Replacement seems more likely, FM.).I doubt about this given the low patronage of existing trains. Replacement seems more likely, FM.I doubt about this given the low patronage of existing trains. Replacement seems more likely, FM.

Dongsheng now has 26 steam on the roster, to be replaced in 2-3 years time. New QJs ex Guangzhou bureau (Zhangping depot, near Xiamen) soon will arrive after refurbishment (including QJ 6555 and 6613).

JiTong Line News (July 24th 2001)

Statistics (July 3rd 2001)

CNR Steam Statistics (January 1st 2000) : 2000 

Steam Locomotives : 1,015     ( Jan 1st 1999 : 2,061)

Haicheng-Xiuyuan (line 5K) (July 3rd 2001)

The line has not been closed as suggested previously. There is only one single pairs of trains per day (SY).

(information by L.T.Cerny, Mrs. SunXiaolan)

Baotou-Shenmu-Yan`an / Huanghua (June 27th 2001)

The line between Shenmu and Yan`an was opened in April 2001 - 3 months earlier than planned. Following the introduction of the new line, traffic along the Shenmu-Baotou section is said to have decreased considerably.
SHENHUA Co., the private company that operates the railways around Shenmu (to Baotou, Yan`an, Huanghua) has signed contract to buy 20 new "high power locomotives" (no further details) plus 3000 new coal wagons for the Huanghua line. This investment will be some 11.6 billion Japanese Yen (110,000,000 USD).

Future of steam around Dongsheng : Following the decline of freight volume, SHENHUA Co. is planning to get rid of their QJs gradually within the next 3 years. Another one bites the dust ...

(information by Peter Patt, Mr.Zhang (CITS Changchun), "Railway Gazette International")

Shaoguan-Guangzhou (June 27th 2001)

The Shaoguan to Guangzhou section was opened for electric traction on April 28th 2001. This is expected to have been the end of the CNR`s JS at Shaoguan depot (though not confirmed).

JiTong and SanMao Snippets (June 12th 2001):

Peter Patt reports :

JiTong Railway

One additonal information to the new DMU service of the Jitong line: there had been quite a confusion about the running dates of this train,it has been odd and even dates, as from 01May a second unit had been introduced and a daily service was provided.
BUT: the second unit had been seriously damaged in an accident mid-may when it hit a freight train near Baiqi. The Hanlu driver was killed and 2 other drivers seriuosly injured. Thus the service has been reduced to the "old" schedule:
K996/7 Hohot 08.47 - Daban 22.21 EVEN days
K998/5 Daban 17.56 - Hohot 07.45 ODD days.


I got news from the schedule/ planning department of the SanMao railway that the new line Yangchun - Yangjiang will be opened as from August this year but may not be steam operated! The SanMao railway is currently reviewing their QJ engagement and they may abandon steam very shortly. Their reasons: it is uneconomical to maintain the entire steam infrastructure for a steadily decreasing number of QJs. Thus it might be that the line will be DF4 operated right from the beginning!

New Report (June 12th 2001):

China News (June 12th 2001, June 5th 2001)    Information by Peter Patt following his tour (May 18th- June 4th 2001) to China

Peter Patt`s Detailed Report (link , added June 12th 2001)

Headlines :

CNR Steam CNR Steam CNR Steam
Steam at Da`an Bei, Fuxin and Yebaishou will not end before summer 2002 ! (one year later than expected previously, FM)one year later than expected previously, FMone year later than expected previously, FM

Da`an Bei
At least 4 brandnew, 2001-built DF5 have taken over most of the JS duties (e.g. Da`an Bei pilots). Only 1 JS was seen under steam on a local freight at Changshantun. The other JS were inside Da`an Bei depot.
The mixed 6817/6818 Da`an Bei-Taipingchuan can have both DF5 and QJ now. It was observed on 3 days : twice DF5 and once QJ hauled.

Fuxin / Yi Xian / Beipiao
No changes at Fuxin. On all three days, there was no eastbound freight after 14:00 between Beipiao and YiXian.
The Chaoyang-Beipiao passenger trains were tender first towards Chaoyang (in contrast to earlier reports).

Very chaotic use of steam ! There are still "steam only" trains both towards Lingyuan and Chaoyang/YiXian.

Wuhai Xi
Both fantastic and frustrating ! Four days here offered everything : Once no train at all between 05:30-17:00 (not even the passenger !), once 5 trains per day ... Both QJ single and double headed trains (QJ+QJ or QJ+JS) towards Jilantai. Dates for arrival of diesels not known yet !

New Report (May 26th 2001):

New Reports (May 19th 2001):

Electrification Jing-Ha-Line (Beijing-Harbin) (May 13th 2001):

Electrification works have reached Changchun (Harbin - Changchun - Siping). The "August 2001" date seems to be valid for this section and will probably be the end of any remaining CNR steam in Manchuria.

On the other hand, CNR engines are still overhauled e.g. Tonghua`s JS 6483 (April 2001 at Sujiatun).

Baotou-Houba-Shiguai (May 13th 2001):

Dieselisation : Use of JS finished in mid April 2001. Both passengers and freights between Baotou and Shiguai are hauled by DF5 now. (Information by CITS Baotou) Dieselisation Dieselisation

New Reports (May 13th 2001):

Steam Lines section is available (May 8th 2001):

New Reports (Apr 24th 2001):

New Reports (Apr 14th 2001):

Chengde Steelworks Branch (Mar 31st 2001):

Jan Schirling confirms the existence of a large deflectored JS (JS 6368) at the Chengde Steelworks Railway (Febr 11th 2001).

New Reports (Mar 31st 2001):

Locomotive List updated (Mar 31st 2001)

New Report (Mar 29th 2001):

New Reports (Mar 28th 2001):

New Reports (Mar 27th 2001):

Locomotive List (Febr 3rd 2001)

is available now.

New Reports (Jan 31st 2001):

Yebaishou (Jan 31st 2001):

The shed foreman at Yebaishou claims still to have 30steam locomotives (this number probably includes dumped engines, FM). Steam at Yebaishou is said to finish in summer 2001. Second hand diesels will arrive ... FM FM

Junggar - Dongsheng - (Ningxia Province) (Jan 30th2001)

"Railway Section Starts Operation in Inner Mongolia"

"The first section of a major coal transport railway beganoperation Saturday in north China's InnerMongolia Autonomous Region.The 72.5 km section is part of the Junggar-DongshengRailway Line, which will be 145 km in total when completed. The railwaywas designed to connect the Junggar Coal Field and the Dongsheng Coal Field.Ittook two years to complete the first section construction of the railway,costing an investment of 700 million yuan (US$84 million), which was jointlyfunded by the Ih Ju League Coal Group, local core coal enterprises, andthe Inner Mongolia Chuangye Group.The railway will be linked to two otherlocal railways, which are 300 km and 114 km long respectively extendingto NingxiaHui Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to form a newmajor coal-shipping railway line from west to east China.When completed,the new line will be used to transport coal for export by the BeiniuchuanMine at the Dongsheng Coal Field. The mine has 100.6 billion tons reserveof coal, which contains low sulfur and phosphorus and also is low in ashafter burning."

(from People`s Daily, Dec 17th 2000)
Thanks to Hans Schaefer for the hint !

Shuozhou-Shenchi-Shenmu (Jan 30th 2001) :

"Major Railway Put into Service"

"The electrified railway, which connects Shenmu Countyin northwest China's ShaanxiProvince with Shuozhou in north China's ShanxiProvince, was put into service recently. This was announced at a pressconference Wednesday in this capital of north China's Shanxi Province.The 266 kilometer railway is the western part of the country's second trunkline for coal transportation from the west to the east, linking Shenmuwith Huanghua on the Bohai Bay in HebeiProvince. The construction of the Shenmu-Shuozhou railway line was completedin 1996, and the railway-related infrastructure facilities such as electricpower and the construction of train stations were put into service in May1999. The 857-kilometer-long Shenmu-Huanghua railway will transport 60to 100 million tons of coal per year." 

(from People`s Daily, Nov 2nd 2000)

New Reports (Jan 30th 2001):

Wuhai - Jilantai (Jan 10th 2001) :

The current Passenger Timetable (file lost) for this line shows a pair of trains numbered 47091and 47092.

Baotou - Dongsheng - Shenmu (Jan 10th 2001) :

The current Passenger Timetable (file lost) for this line is available, too.

Shuozhou - Shenchi (Jan 10th2001):

Shenchi can be reached by train (via Ningwu). There is both a express train (4466/67 and 4465/68) from Taiyuan to Kelan and a passenger from Datong to Kelan (No. 7129, 7130). The timetable for the Datong-Shenmu passenger, a description of the line and a map are included in the September 2000 Report.
Timings for trains 4465-68, 7129 and 7130 are :

Taiyuan-Kelan :


Datong-Kelan :


Dunhua- Jiaohe (Jul 1st 2000) :

According to Chinese sources Dunhua is 100% diesel now.

Luohe - Fuyang (Jun 7th 2000) :

Freight levels along this line are very low. Only 2 or3 freights a day can be expected between Luohe and Luokou (observation in June 2000).

Pingdingshan Coal Railway (June 7th 2000) :

SY / JS hauled passengers along the coalmine`s railwaysystem leave Pingdingshan around 08:30, 11:30 and 14:30.

Pingshi - Muchong (Pingnan-Railway) (June 7th 2000):

This line is said to be dieselised by the end of 2000 (according to local staff). 

China Rail Timetable Oct 2001 - English Version by Duncan Peattie

The new edition of my Chinese Railway Timetable - based on the October 2001 China Rail Publishing House (CRPH) timetable - is now available, in printed form (size A4, comb bound, 130 pages) or as a .pdf file (size 1068kB).

The timetable is in English and covers every train shown in the CRPH timetable, although minor stations are not included. It is organised into tables in the style of British or European timetables and is (in my opinion) much easier to work with than the CRPH timetable. The tables follow the line numbering system of the excellent Chinese Railway Atlas published by Quail, UK (details available from me).

A sample of the timetable (.pdf file, size 102kB) is available.

The price is unchanged from the previous edition:

GBP5/USD10/EUR10 for the .pdf file
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GBP12/USD25/EUR25 for the print version (post paid worldwide by air mail)

I am afraid I do not have credit card facilities (this is a not-for-profit venture) but UK cheques are acceptable and should be made payable to Duncan Peattie.

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To order copies please send payment to:

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Please note that I am currently in Hong Kong, and will not return to the UK until mid-March. Orders will still be fulfilled via Watford but printed timetables will be posted from Hong Kong. This should be borne in mind when choosing between surface and air mail. From mid-March onwards posting will be from the UK or Hong Kong, whichever will give quicker delivery.

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