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Bressingham Traction Engine Gathering, (26th - 27th September, 2021)

This is one of a series of pages which I have uploaded to illustrate facets of steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Such events normally occur all over the country in the summer months, they are easily found by using your favourite search engine and may have anything between a handful of steam engines and hundreds (as at the Great Dorset Steam Fair which could probably be fairly described as having an excess of riches). Click here for the overall index for 2021.

Our main 2021 report covering road engines is available here. This page covers operational locomotives and includes pictures taken on our previous 2017 visit as indicated.

The standard gauge railway was not operating in 2019, but AIX 662 was running in July 2017.

The remaining locomotives shown are all 2ft (610mm) gauge.

George Sholto is one of the famous 'Quarry Hunslets' (994/1909), it was working trains in July 2017.

Gwynedd is another one (316/1883).

Fernilee is a 2015 completed 'Bitzer', the 'engine' part, I was told, originated from a steam boat. It arrived after its former home, the Penrhyn Quarry Railway closed suddenly in 2017.

0-4-0T Bevan is a 2015 home build, loosely base on the Kerr Stuart 'Wren' design using parts from another failed project.

There are many other locomotives present here, these can be seen on the museum's website.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson