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Steam Relics in South Georgia

Robert Burton of the South Georgia Association comments (but identities are still lacking):

All six shore whaling stations on South Georgia had Decauville railways for moving coal and whale products. The wagons were usually pushed by men or pulled by winches (and by a horse at one station). Ocean Harbour employed a steam loco, whose remains are still there. A photo of the loco in action is held in the Salvesen archives at Edinburgh University. 

Stationary engines were also used at all stations to drive winches, pumps and generators. The photo below shows the remains of two at Ocean Harbour. The generator at Stromness whaling station originally powered the trams in Bergen. There are three steam-powered sealers/whalers beached at the Grytviken whaling station. Dias was built in 1906 - see (link broken by December 2021).

Rob  Dickinson