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Surviving Portable Engines in the former Soviet Union

Harvey Smith was based in and around Moscow off and on from 1997 to 2014 and has now moved to St. Petersburg. Apart from this report he has also posted information on other attractions in Moscow and the rest of Russia, there are links at the bottom of the page.

Much machinery from the days of the former Soviet Union has been abandoned in remote areas (as indeed has much railway equipment, particularly narrow gauge) and from time time travellers stumble on it and indeed some gets rescued. Alex Malianov has sent Harvey a variety of links to pictures on local websites. Where a picture is shown as sourced from Wikimapia, it is used in accordance with their terms of service conditions, otherwise I have unusually 'borrowed' them . I have no further information on makers etc save that given in one case. In some case the original links will show the pictures in higher resolution or you can try right clicking and 'View Image in new Tab' or similar in tyoutr browser.

This is an old portable in the settlement of Revda (Murmansk area), transported from inaccessible village Chalmny-Varre (according to other information - from Krasnoschelye), and before that it stood somewhere on the Tersky shore of the White Sea, pictures are courtesy of Alex Malianov. I believe it may now be in the museum of Lovozero mining enterprise.

The ruins of a steam sawmill, Letniy coast of the White Sea, 64°46'0"N 38°21'55"E,  original Wikimapia link.

Abandoned steam machine in the uninhabited village Kega, Letniy coast of the White Sea, 65° 8' 40.04" N 36° 54' 27.14" E.. (Previous picture used, no longer available, November 2016).

Seam machines in the Pereslavl railway museum, 56°48'8"N 38°38'53"E, original Wikimapia link.

Abandoned steam machine in Krasnoselkup, Yamalo-Nenets, original Live Journal article.

Dyanka, Ukraine - 49°49'34"N 34°31'41"E,  Original Wikimapia Link. The lettering reads in translation 'MTiTM USSR Kherson locomobile plant','P-38 power - 38 horsepower, 375 RPM. 15 atmosphere pressure', 
MITM - the Ministry of Transport and Heavy Machinery. 

Museum exhibit in Pereyaslav - Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, 50°3'31"N 31°28'35"E, original Wikimapie link.


Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson