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PNKA Steam Locomotive Diagrams

Some 40 years ago Tony Ford was given a set of photocopies of steam locomotive diagrams which covered most of the classes to be found in Java, Madura and Sumatra. They appear to be almost the same as those reproduced by Dusty Durrant in the classic book Power Parade. There are nearly 100 of these, mostly 600mm x 300mm which also include some technical data, a small number from Sumatra are half this size.

I have had them scanned professionally as 200 dpi 1 bit TIF images, the results are more than adequate but obviously not "top quality"; they would be very helpful for anyone modelling the PNKA scene. You can click this link to see one of them (B13) in a new window at full resolution (this has been resaved as a GIF so it can viewed in a browser), you may have to click the image to see it at full resolution..

Tony and I would like to make them freely available, but since it has cost real money for the scans we will have to make a small charge for them:

  • Free if you opt to receive them as an Email or Dropbox download (totally less than 15Mb)

  • GBP 3 if you opt to receive them on a CD - the extra to cover burning and p&p costs.

In this case, there will be an extra charge of GBP 1 if you opt to use Paypal which is not cost free for me!

Please email me using the address that follows, it is an image not a link, this is also my Paypal account should you wish to use it

The cost of having them scanned has now been sponsored by Continental Modeller ( and I would like to thank the editor, Andrew Burnham, for this kind gesture.

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Rob Dickinson