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Surviving Railway Steam Cranes of South and Central America

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John A. Taubeneck has sent me the list below from his researches which includes a lot of input from fellow crane enthusiast Chris Capewell who has also cast his eyes over it and come up with some helpful suggestions. John and Chris would greatly appreciate any feedback from readers. Countries with no dates have not changed this page was first uploaded.

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As this was the earliest of the railway crane pages, it is not in the 'easy-to-read' format of the later ones. I have now (October 2017) added an indication of gauge where known - BG (5'6", 1600mm), SG (4'8½", 1435mm) MG (1000mm), NG (762/750mm).

Major updates

  • Cuba Industrial Brownhoist at National Railway (27th February 2022)
  • Paraguay picture of Wilson crane at Botanico (14th August 2020)
  • Brazil, pictures of 4 cranes from Arthur Bilheri, 2 as new entries, 2 with new photographs (3rd July 2020)
  • Argentina, 25th May cranes (22nd October 2019)
  • Brazil, links for Maderia-Mamore RR steamers (14th June 2018)
  • Argentina, RR crane at Ingeniero Jacobacci (28th March 2018)
  • Brazil cranes at Bebedouro and Jundial (29th September 2017)
  • Brazil several items, look for date (5th November 2016)
  • Honduras steam powered track laying crane (15th June 2016)
  • Guatemala crane at Guatemala City (15th June 2016)
  • El Salvador crane in national railway museum (15th June 2016)
  • Argentina (new picture links, one confirmed identity, three new entries, 12/13th November 2014)
  • Cuba (Christina Museum crane pictures, 30th April 2014)
  • Brazil (John Wilson crane at Belem, 14th January 2014)
  • Chile (two preserved cranes, 14th January 2014)
  • Uruguay (steam cranes in Uruguayan Ports, 3rd September 2013)
  • Argentina (unknown crane in Buenos Aires, 3rd September 2013)
  • Paraguay (Second Crane at Concepcion, 3rd September 2013)
  • Panama (Compressed air conversion, 3rd September 2013)
  • Uruguay (Pictures of Grafton at Carmelo, 13th May 2013)
  • Argentina (Two derelict Graftons, 12th January 2013) 
  • Cuba (Patria o Muerte Museum, updated 9th January 2013)

Useful terms for researchers:

grua de vapor = steam crane
guindaste a vapor

Steam cranes in general -

Ardelt - Ardelt, Wilhemshaven, Germany
Bedford - Bedford Engineering Company, Bedford, UK
Booth - Joseph Booth, Rodley, Leeds, UK
Browning - Browning, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Cowans - Cowans, Sheldon, UK -
Burro-Cullen-Friestedt, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Grafton - Grafton & Co. Ltd, Vulcan Works, Bedford, UK
Industrial Works - Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan, USA
Industrial Brownhoist - Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan, USA
R&R - Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
Smith - Thomas Smith & Sons, Rodley, Leeds, UK 
Stothert and Pitt, Bath, UK -
Wilson - John H Wilson & Co, Engineers Dock Road, Birkenhead, UK


Antigua Sugar Mill

On the site of this long closed mill were the bases of two old Bedford steam cranes at least until 2001. This and the picture below are courtesy of Douglas Luery.

By October 2013, one had disappeared and the other had been removed to a safe place:


Buenos Aires

Unknown crane at Cabalito, 34° 37' 17.69" S 58° 27' 4.04" W, it may be one of those listed below, (3rd September 2013)

El Maiten (NG)

6W hand crane by Loudon Brothers, Glasgow (agents), Chris Capewell suggests it may be a R&R
This 2011 picture is courtesy of John Kramer:

Buenos Aires - Ferroclub Argentino - as of 26th April 2014 the entire site was unavailable, by November 2014 it was back up but none of the links below were working.

The club has the following 4 centres here:

Ferroclub, Remedios de Escalada Preservation Centre

C-9 Crane locomotive Dubs 1891 (0-4-0CT) (link added 11th October 2012)
C-56 Cowans C/N 4467 40 tons breakdown 1925 10-wheel (6-4W) (link added 11th October 2012)
C-524 Grafton & Co. C/N 2215 5 tons 1924 4-wheel, donated to FA 1995 (link added 11th October 2012)
(Graftons 2174 and 2287 were reported here, but are not listed on the Ferroclub website)
For pictures see en el Ferroclub Escalada (added 13th November 2014)

Ferroclub, Haedo Preservation Centre 

1863 hand carne (link added 11th October 2012)
C-56 Cowans C/N 4464 40 tons breakdown 1925 10-wheel (6-4W) - new entry 13th November 2014)
15-V Wilson (4 cylinder) 35 tons breakdown 1912 steam 10-wheel(6-4W) (link added 11th October 2012) Ferroclub Haedo (Wilson and CS crane added 13th November 2014) 
71-V Crane locomotive North British, 1907 0-4-0CT. November 2007 pictures by Ian Smith (added 11th October 2012)

Ferroclub, Lynch Preservation Centre

G-265 Booth C/N 4144 5 tons 1930 6-wheel
Argentina North Eastern (FNEA) #C-265, picture is here (link moved 11th October 2012)

Ferroclub, Tolosa Preservation Centre

529 Smith C/N 7621 5 tons 1910
(this crane has 0-8-0 running gear)
Ferrocarril West (aka Buenos Aires Western RR) #35V
Buenos Aires Great Southern Ry #529 1944 (link added 11th October 2012) en el Ferroclub Tolosa (added 13th November 2014)

Basavilbaso - unknown railroad museum (derelict)

Booth C/N 2581 1912 steam 6-wheel
Unknown British maker en Basavilbaso (added 13th November 2014)

Comodoro Rivadavia-Museo Nacional de Petroleo (picture added 8th August 2014)

Grafton 4-wheel steam
Originally used on the docks.

See and (with the wrong location?)

Concepcion del Uruguay (added 21st May 2015)

An abandoned hand crane - 

Ingeniero Jacobacci (Proposed Museum) (added 28th March 2018)

Ransomes and Rapier 35 tons breakdown 1905 8-wheel (4+4W); fitted with locally built 'Turner' type boiler, broad gauge
It is either of these Buenos Aires Rosario later Central Argentine Rly. no. 124.
RR B3565/05 or C13 BAGS RR B3583/05
Pictures here -  

Mendoza-National Railroad Museum (for sale 2011)

Cowans C/N 2993 20 tons breakdown 1908 8-wheel(4-4W) (link broken October 2017)

Perez, Rosairo FCCA Museum

ex 154 or 155 CAR BG S 35T 2-6-2W Cravens Bros. C.9471/1912 (details added 18th October 2012)
Central Argentine Railway 
General Mitre Railway

Port of Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios

Whirly/Dockside Gantry crane British steam

Pueblo Liebig (abandoned meat packing plant)

Alex Chaplin & Co. steam

Line above Puertos Santa Elena / Bovril

Grafton C/N 1507 1913? 4-wheel steam

Puerto San Julian (added 12th January 2013)

Incomplete standard gauge Grafton steam crane

Puerto Santa Cruz (added 12th January 2013)

Incomplete broad gauge Grafton steam crane

Punta Arenas (Instituto de la Patagonia (added 15th August 2014)

Puerto Sara Muelle/Estancia San Gregorio?
SG S ?5T 4W Grafton 1003/06

Rosairo (32° 55' 54.28" S 60° 41' 13.38" W)

Booth 4-wheel steam

Rufino - unknown railroad museum

43 Wilson C/N 826 30 tons breakdown 1910 steam 8-wheel (4-4W)
BAPR #43
ALL #43
Cowans pattern; Wilson i/d has been confirmed.

San Antonio Workshops (derelict)

Cowans Sheldon 4468/1925 40 tons breakdown 8-wheel (4-4W) - pictures below
Grafton 4-wheel (link is dead) (added 13th August 2013) en San A. Oeste (added 13th November 2014)

Santa Fe (both added 3rd September 2013)

La Capital Department (31° 17' 48.58" S 60° 39' 36.40" W)
Unknown steam crane

Rueda, Constitución Department (33° 20' 0.94" S 60° 27' 37.53" W)
Unknown steam crane

San Cristóbal, Santa Fe Province (added 12th November 2014)

Two derelict steam cranes are shown on One is a Stothert and Pitt of 1912.

25 de Mayo - park (updated 14th February 2020)

Cowans Sheldon 2780/1905, breakdown steam 8-wheel (4-4W)

The second crane here is an Orenstein and Koppel, similar to that at Comodoro Rivadavia (see above). This is Dick Gilbert's 2020 picture.

See also (Link broken by December 2023. RD) est. 25 de Mayo (FCS) (added 13th November 2014)


A John Wilson (said to be around 1908) is shown 'for sale' in this picture (one of a series, its boiler is included). It may well be one of a pair BG 5T 4W supplied in 1907, a coaling crane for departmental use.



There are at least five steam cranes abandoned on the docks. (updated 8th November 2016)
No.1 Smith
No.3 Smith C/N 16623
No.6 Wilson + two others

See Kevin Hoggett's report of an October 2016 for some pictures.,121221,121223  
Four shown here: 
Several close ups near the beginning of this clip.  
Another one here - link dead by July 2020.

La Paz (added 29th November 2016)

A Stothert and Pitt hand crane of 1895 survives at the railway station. This is Peter Longstaff's picture from 2005, I assume it is still present although most of the rails here are gone and the station buildings are a museum:


Tupize (Derelict)

Browning 14004 8-wheels

Uyuni (Museum)

No.8 American Builder ?Industrial Works Michigan 8-wheels

Uyini (Works?)

Homemade winch on bogie wagon.

Uyuni (Derelict)

These pages show pictures of two derelict steam shovels (28th June 2016)  


For those with a serious interest in railway cranes, Eduardo Coelho's book, Guindastes Ferroviarios no Brasil, is essential reading, (added 26th May 2015). 

ABPF Campinas (serviceable)

Ransomes and Rapier Order ref. C9282-3/1929 40 ton 
8-wheel with relieving bogies (4-8-4RB), metre gauge
Sorocabana Rly., later Fepasa no. GF-109

Brian Garvin picture, October 2016, taken at Campos Grande (added 5th November 2016)

ABPF Campos Grande (north end of Campinas - Jaguariuna line) (serviceable, added 18th March 2012

GF207-1 Sao Paulo Railway. 
MG St 5T 4+4W Grafton 1084/1908

Brian Garvin picture, October 2016 (added 5th November 2016)

Belém (new 14th January 2014)

John Wilson rail crane
(new link 21st June 2016)

Bebedouro (Sao Paulo) (Added 29th September 2017)

Smith 4-wheel steam crane (probably BG), this is Torsten Schneider's 2017 picture.


Bedford 4-wheel steam - a rare bird indeed
These pictures (added 16th October 2012) are from Torsten Schneider:

Jundial (SP), Museo Ferrovial (added 29th September 2017)

Grafton 4-wheel steam (probably BG), this is Torsten Schneider's 2017 picture.

Macapa, MMX Railway, Amapa Province (added 12th January 2012)

Burro-Cullen-Friestedt crane. Dismantled and under repair when seen by David Griffiths in 2007, thought to be now serviceable. (It cannot be steam powered as was once stated on this page.)

Pôrto Velho - Maderia-Mamore RR (derelict)

Industrial Works steam 
Three cranes have been seen here in various states of disrepair. - link dead by 14th June 2018
One is pictured here - (John A. Taubeneck 14th June 2018)
One is plinthed at Arunã (216km SW)
Another is derelict in the loco dump at km 2 from Pôrto Velho and viewable on Google StreetView.
(Thanks to Thomas Kautzor for additional information, 14th December 2014).

This YouTube video shows a derelict Bucyrus steam shovel on the railway which is 'at risk 21st June 2016). It may be 1062/1909: 
This Spanish language article on it is readily translated (John Tauberneck 14th June 2018): (John A. Taubeneck 14th June 2018)

Recife - Museu Do Trem

Smith 1916 steam (broad gauge, 5ft 3in)
Used until 1978 loading logs
Mike Swift adds "This is not a breakdown crane but a standard locomotive crane, probably 5 or 7 ton capacity, capable of moving itself and one or two wagons. Smiths built 100s of these which were used on construction contracts, mines and quarries, engineering works, docks and railways all over the world. The design changed little over the years and quite a number have survived."
This picture by Antonio Gorni:

Rio de Janeiro – former Leopoldina station - Barau de Maua (updated 18th March 2012)

Two Industrial Works steam wreckers abandoned here reported February 2011, and identified as below (March 2012) (link broken by December 2021)

1 EFCB BG S 100T 4+4W IW-IBC ??/1926
Refurbished, with new boiler in 1987, but suffered structural serious damage in 1988, leading to withdrawal.

16 EFCB BG S 20T 4+4W IW-IBC ??/1927
Fitted with boom from No.2 in 1988.

Rio de Janeiro; Naval Base, Ilha das Cobras (restricted area), (added 24th June 2015)

? S ? 4W TSSR Unusual (Pre WW1) Smith type with inside cylinders. The works number is actually seen on the cab side.

Rio de Janeiro, Tres Rios, former depot that today provides services for railway operators 

This is Grafton 966 / circa 1906/7. It is unclear how it was powered. Pictures are courtesy of Arthur Bilheri (3rd July 2020).

Also in Tres Rios described as 'former depot Chief houses' a metre gauge crane by Smith, Major and Stevens (London and Northampton). This must be very rare, the company is better known for making electric lifts! See,_Major_and_Stevens. Pictures are courtesy of Arthur Bilheri (3rd July 2020).


Sabauna-Associação Nacional de Preservação Ferroviária

Unknown American maker steam
Central Railway of Brazil (link dead by 12th April 2018)

Sao Joao del Rei, Minas Gerais, Museum (added 5th January 2012, pictures courtesy of David Griffiths dating from November 2011, amended 18th March 2012)

Small hand crane
SR-2 EFOM Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas MG converted to 760mm H 12.5T 4+4W 
Booth 3783/1928
(not at all as stated on the board on the crane!!)


Industrial Brownhoist, EFOM, metre gauge converted to 762mm, steam, 12.5T, 4+4W, 5173/1928


115, Industrial Brownhoist, EFOM, metre gauge, steam, 12.5T, 4+4W, 517x/1928 (entry added 5th November 2016)

Brian Garvin picture, October 2016

Mairipora (north of Sao Paulo). Instituto Mairipora Thomas Cruz; Av. Dr. Thomaz Rodrigues da Cruz; -23.333690, -46.581223

Grafton 4-wheel steam, SILVIA, 1800mm gauge, ?3T 1235/1910, ex Sao Paulo Gasworks (details amended 5th November 2016), formerly at Immigrante Museum, Sao Paulo

Brian Garvin picture, October 2016

Grafton 4-wheel steam, 2111, EFSJ, 1600mm gauge, ?5T, 2796/1945

Brian Garvin picture, October 2016

R&R metre gauge hand, 4W 5T, said to be 1881 with Beuthers axle boxes (Birmingham 1881, presumably Metropolitan)

Brian Garvin pictures, October 2016

Minas Gerais, Railway Museum Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, Conselheiro Lafaiete

The museum appears to have been closed for renovation for some years and had no website in 2017. There is a Grafton steam crane here 1033 ca 1907/8. Pictures are courtesy of Arthur Bilheri (3rd July 2020).

Paranapiacaba (added 18th March 2012)

Sao Paulo Railway 1600mm gauge, hand, 20 tons, 4+4W CS 2208/1900-1 CS diagram 4421

It was photographed by Sergio Martire when it was in store at Lapa in October 1995.

This is how it looked in October 2016 (Brian Garvin picture):

Santa Isabel do Rio Preto, Municipality of Valenca (but an hours drive away from Valenca itself), Rio de Janeiro province (added 16th October 2012)
-22.226647, -44.065420 
Grafton, No.42; ?V.F. Sapucai, metre gauge, ?3T, 4W 920/1906 

Pictures are courtesy of Arthur Bilheri, I have adjusted the first to show detail. (4th July 2020)



British 4-wheel steam
Ferrocarril Antofagasta Bolivia

Extremely large crane marked "Puerto Antofagasta" (added 14th January 2014)
The crane is a reconstruction from a MAN electric crane with a few S&P bits including the worksplate!


Unknown (British) 4-wheel steam (link added 21st June 2016)

Carahue, Parque de los Trenes / Ferro-Tur ( adjacent suspension bridge on route S-40 ) (added 30th June 2017)

5’6” ?15T 4+4W Industrial Works/ Industrial Brownhoist date unknown
(probably ex Industry - the stencilling on the solebar appears to read SINESTRO NO.2 )

5’6” ?3T 4W British builder date unknown

GV80 EFE 5’6” ?5T 4W German builder, possibly DEMAG date unknown
(cranked lattice jib, coaling grab)

Codecol (added 16th October 2012)

IW 4395/1925 100000lbs - more details needed

Digua Reservoir, Maule Region, Linares Province (added 20th August 2020)

Grafton. 4W Steam crane. Dual gauge ?6T 

Llanta (near Copiapo) (added 28th May 2012, details added 16th October 2012)

Ferronor N°. 7 (4+4W Industrial) is IW 4395/1925 100000lbs


Smith Maker 4-wheel steam

Osorno (added 16th October 2012)

Said to be IW (1913), 80 ton, present in 2009. The picture is by Peter Wilcox (2006). This later picture,, shows it has deteriorated.

Puerto Montt (Waterside Railway Museum), added 14th January 2014

Unknown builder, see

Punta Arenas-Instituto de la Patagonia

Grafton C/N 1003 1906 5 tons 4-wheel steam

San Antonio

A. Pinguely of Lyon C/N 82 1911 22 tons steam (link amended 8th August 2014).

San Rosendo (added 11th October 2012)

PV-90-01 Chilean Rlys. SG S ?80T 6+6W, expert opinion is that it is probably an Ardelt. (set of 8) link broken by July 2020

Temuco-Museo Nacional Frrroviario Pablo Neruda

Stothert and Pitt 1907 steam 8-wheel (4-4W)
See also and and (last one added 3rd April 2014).


La Sabana Estacion, Bogota

Smith 5 ton 4-wheel
This crane is serviceable but rarely used because of oil fuel costs. These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor from a December 2011 visit.

El Corzo Works (in Facatativa, 4.805523, -74.354208, Stored)
Are these cranes still present, not seen by a later visitor?

Smith 20 ton 8-Wheel (4+4W)
These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor from a December 2011 visit.

Wilson 10?ton 8-Wheel (4+4W)
These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor from a December 2011 visit.

Also stored here is a diesel crane, thought to be an Orton:

Cali/Yumbo (updated 13th October 2017)

Unfortunately, the operation here is closed down in 2017, the operator in liquidation.

Thomas Kautzor adds "On the Pacific line (FC del Oeste = FCO) at Cali, most containers from Buenaventura are transferred from rail to road at Yumbo, the first station after crossing the coastal mountain range. A steam crane is used for this task (see p. 13 Latin Tracks No. 32, 2009)."

Ricardo Campbell adds "The crane at Yumbo is an Orton, built in 1940 with 6 axles, 80 ton capacity."

Allan Baker adds Crane 14, steam, 12 wheel, ?6+6w bogies. ORTON on jib, FDP on cab and these are his 2017 pictures. (13th October 2017):

There is a further Orton crane at Palmira near Cali (under refurbishment in 2012). These 2017 pictures are courtesy of Allan Baker. (13th October 2017):

This is another crane at Palmira, #7774, Industrial Brownhoist, 4570/1928 steam crane, 4+4W. These 2017 pictures are courtesy of Allan Baker. (13th October 2017):

Santa Marta (added 16th October 2012)

Two 80T CS 6 = 6W cranes (389 and 390) were delivered in 1965. The latter survives and is usually at this location,  Pictures are from the Chris Capewell collection.

These pictures are courtesy of Allan Baker (added 13th October 2017)

Costa Rica

Turrialba-Omar Salazaro Museum, University of Costa Rica

Marion C/N 1799 1907 Model #60 steam shovel
Ismithmian Canal Commission, Panama
Costa Rican RR

Puerto Quepos (derelict)

Unknown American manufacture steam 8-wheel Narrow gauge - link dead by July 2020 - (and the following scan in that series)
This looks to be the same crane. - link broken by December 2021


Havana-Cuban National Railway Museum

Industrial Brownhoist (added 27th February 2022):
#11597 75t SW 1944 
US Army #7521 Ft. Eustis, VA (parts ordered 1953)
Ferrocarriles de Cuba #75010 (converted to diesel)

Industrial Works C/N 2826 1920 75 ton Wrecker steam
F.C.C., C.A.I. Camillo Cienfugos #78200
Cuban Railways #C2

These pictures courtesy of Mick House (added 30th April 2014):

Several cranes seen in store in yard between Estacion Central and El Coubre, Havana, 2/2005 and 1/2006, for preservation at Museo del Ferrocarril de Cuba, Cristina, Havana.

Ecuador Sugar Mill (#504), Ciego De Avila Province

This 4w + 4w Browning crane of 1931 was photographed by Stephen Lacey in 2006, since moved to the museum at Patria o Muerte (see below):

Lopez Pinar Sugar Mill (#604), Holguin Province

This 4w + 4w crane of then unknown provenance was photographed by Stephen Lacey in 2006: Now a FB page has shown a set of pictures which the experts say is the same crane - Hence it is Industrial Works 4199/1925 14T.

Patria o Muerte Museum (updated 9th January 2013)

Minaz or FCC no.3495 
4w+4w Steam 60ton capacity Industrial Works 3739/1920 ex Panama Canal (upper) 

1931 crane from Browning of Cleveland, which is said to be the one formerly at Ecuador Mill (see above).



Unknown (American builder) steam (lettered G&Q)
Ecuadorian Railway
This is Stephen Lacey's picture, it was still present in 2017 reports Kevin Hoggett.

El Salvador

San Salvador Railway Museum (added 15th June 2016)

This FENADESAL crane was last used in the 1980s and is marked BRC&W (Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon) but they certainly didn't make the crane. Two of the cylinders are marked S. Flory Mfg Co, Bangor PA, who are known to have made stationary steam engines. Most likely the crane is a 'Bitza', an amalgamation of parts. These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures from February 2016.

Falkland Islands

Chamber Depot (derelict)

Unknown British (probably Clark Chapman; Admiralty pattern) steam
When was it last seen??


Guatemala City (added 15th June 2016)

Ferriovias Guatemala #9021
Industrial Brownhoist 11920 (ca 1945).
This is Thomas Kautzor's 2016 picture

Zacapa (stored April 2012)

Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan C/N 4749 1925 10 ton steam
unknown first owner
Ferriovias Guatemala #3995
This is Rob Dickinson's picture:

Ferriovias Guatemala #3999
This is James Waite's picture: (added 5th May 2012)

Honduras (added 15th June 2016)

This steam-powered track laying crane at San Pedro Sula was photographed by Thomas Kautzor in 2016:


It is thought that none of JRC's steam cranes survive but this old hand crane was found by Thomas Kautzor at Montpellier station, the 2nd to last station before Montego Bay in June 2014 (added 19th June 2014).


MEC Shipyards, Braswell Dry Dock, Balboa (8.952336, -79.565271) (location added 13th October 2017)

Browing steam crane converted to compressed air operation

Panama City - Balboa Railroad Depot

Location N 08° 57.639 W 079° 33.368
at Balboa old station; adjacent to a restaurant on Av. Roosevelt.
Bucyrus C/N 176 08/1910, 75 ton breakdown steam
Isthmian Canal Commission #64 $14,250
Panama RR #64

These 2017 pictures are courtesy of Allan Baker (added 13th October 2017)

Diablo, opposite Panama Canal Rly Co Offices (location 8.974972, -79.567389)

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 12163 1952 75 ton breakdown steam Panama RR #63 “BIG TOM” (link dead by 12th April 2018)
This picture is courtesy of the Panama Canal Railroad Company:

These 2017 pictures are courtesy of Allan Baker (added 13th October 2017)


Puerto Casada (No recent reports). This added 18th March 2012.

This picture from Sergio Martire was taken in 1983


Grafton (added 3rd September 2013)

Taylor & Hubbard of Leicester England steam (446 on base is NOT the works number)

Luque-Ferrocarril Carlos Antonio Lopez / Paraguay-Asuncion-Jardin Botanico

Wilson breakdown crane, this is Steve Cossey's picture from 2015 (added 14th August 2020)


Booth C/N 3758 steam
This is Neil Edwards' picture:



Booth C/N 3801 1927 5 tons 4-wheel steam
Southern Railway of Peru #8

Puno-pier on Lake Titicaca (all derelict)

See Kevin Hoggett's report of an October 2016 for some pictures.

Wilson 4-wheel steam
Smith C/N 7024 4-wheel steam
Smith C/N 16621 4-wheel steam (a picture on the web looked at in detail suggests 18821).
Smith C/N 16622 4-wheel steam

John Taubeneck sent the following links to pictures (21st June 2016) (link broken by 7th November 2016) (link broken by 25th October 2016) 

St. Kitts

St. Kitts Scenic Railway Ltd. compound 

Thomas Kautzor writes:
The Isles steam crane of the St. Kitts Sugar Corporation (St. Kitts & Nevis) formerly used mainly to load and offload lighters at the Factory Pier has been moved to the St. Kitts Scenic Railway Ltd. compound for preservation. Two photos of it appear in Jim Horsford, "From Sugar Cane to Scenic Train - The St. Kitts Railway", Locomotives International Publications, 2004. Thomas's pictures date form his July 2012 visit.


An invaluable article is (link dead by 12th April 2018), readily translatable, from which the new entries below have been taken (3rd September 2013).

Montevideo, forecourt of the Municipality (amended 3rd September 2013)

Thomas Smith 4-wheel steam
Herbert Morris No. 17, formerly Port of Montevideo!!&p=1005198&viewfull=1 (Link broken October 2017)
This is Marcelo Benoit's picture of the crane displayed at :Montevideo harbour in 2005.
Said to belong to the Association of Uruguay Railfans (Asociación Uruguaya Amigos del Riel)


Grafton 4-wheel steam
These are Ken Cowley's pictures:

Dolores (added 3rd September 2013)

Unknown (British) 4-wheel steam
33° 31' 9.17" S 58° 13' 37.60" W
Said to be identical to a steam crane found at Rivera Station.

Rivera Station (added 3rd September 2013)

Unknown (British) 4-wheel steam
Said to be identical to a steam crane found at Dolores.

Fray Bentos (added 3rd September 2013)

Two Thomas Smith 4-wheel cable electric

Fray Bentos (added 11th January 2014)



Hacienda Santa Teresa


Rob Dickinson