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More Steam Cranes in India

This is just one of a series of pages covering surviving Railway Cranes across the world. Click here for the Index. There is also a second page of pictures from IRFCA website available.

There are probably more working steam cranes on Indian Railways than all other national railway systems combined (most, if not all, of China's steam cranes are in industrial use).

All these pictures are from Heinrich Hubbert annd were taken between 2005 and 2013. Latest additions are three WR and SCR cranes (30th May 2013)

Broad Gauge

Kharagpur (2005). This 6w crane was built by Braithwaites in Calcutta in cooperation with Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) near Leeds, UK:

Pathankot (2008) The two steam cranes look to be Jamalpur products.

77486 had been condemned in 2007:

Similar 44211 was still on the active list at the time:

Also present was this former O&RR (Oudh & Rohilkhand Railway) 19th century hand crane #10, assumed destined for a museum. a heavily painted plate appears to read "Neley & MacLean, Engineers, Glasgow, O&RR 185":


Metre Gauge

Badarpur North East Frontier Railway 3812 (2009). The legend claims it was built as late as 1981, it looks likely to be an Izatnagar product

Siliguri Junction, North East Frontier Railway (2010). Stored without the boiler.

JhanjapurJunction North Eastern Railway.

Thiruvarur, Southern Railway..

Thiruthuraipoondi Jn, Southern Railway

Madurai, Southern Railway (2010) A plate proclaims it to be Cowans Sheldon 10043/1963

Sengottai, Southern Railway

Udaipur (Western Railway)

Mhow (Western Railway) 1280 and 1266 - the latter labelled 'Cowans Sheldon'

Akola (South Central Railway) 3506

Rob Dickinson