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Raymond Lillie has sent me these 2006 pictures of a 1989 built SY which is owned by the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railroad. The excursion in which the engine is used travel over track once owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, called the Belvidere and Delaware, or Bel-Del, branch. (These have come out a whole lot better than the original 2004 picture!). Click here for more information about the railway ( link broken by December 2021) (Sorry, railroad)..

SY export

SY export


Geoff Noon was in Iowa in October 2003 and found JS 8419 at work on the Boone and Scenic Railroad, for more information see their own website (Link dead by May 2023). It implies the JS was bought new from Datong in 1989.

JS 8419

Back in April 2000 I ran this story but since I have heard nothing more I guess it foundered....

Trevor Heath tells me that the Pacific Wilderness Railway on Vancouver Island in Canada is to import 4 Chinese built 2-8-2s which will be made to look like Montreal Locomotive Works light Mikados.

These are four 1987/88 Datong built JS 2's which are being overhauled, converted to oil firing and receiving cosmetic changes prior to delivery. Thy will supplement three Montreal Locomotive Works G5's already acquired but not yet on site. The Railway opens on June 17th 2000 using 11 passenger cars and a diesel electric locomotive. Steam operations are to start in 2001. The web site  (, link broken by December 2021) shows the first train arriving in Victoria where there are plans to restore the only roundhouse left in Canada to house the locomotives. There is a five year plan in place to offer several different trips to different parts of Vancouver Island.

Rob Dickinson