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Shibanxi Passenger Train 2007

It is very hard to find something new to say about the Shibanxi passenger train, it remains simply heaven on wheels despite the occasional appearance of the new tourist coaches. All images are taken from our 2007 video record (there is plenty more from 2006) and since we haven't started editing yet, I can't say how many of these scenes will make the final cut of our Shibanxi Heaven DVD.

Passengers waiting at Xianrenjiao:

On board:

The rest of the market coach:

Putting the brakes on:

We didn't see too much of the sun this year, Yuehong sunbathed while I travelled with the pigs:

This downhill run from Xianrenjiao was sunlit as it left the tunnel....

But the conditions for the return train seen nearby were more typical:

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our Shibanxi Heaven DVD

our Shibanxi Heaven DVD

Rob Dickinson