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Articulated Steam Locomotives of the World

Lionel Wiener published his classic work 'Articulated Locomotives'  in 1930, I have a copy of the reprint by Kalmbach Publishing. Much of what appears here is based on the book, it's a vast subject and I have no intention to repeat what is well covered elsewhere on the web. Rather I will try to highlight unusual types, particularly with reference to surviving examples and those which survived into my gricing lifetime (ie the last 40 - 50 years). Anyone with a serious interest in the subject should forget the web and instead consult the bibliography - I would welcome additions to that list. I would also welcome suitable pictures - unless it is of a type which is not illustrated here, by and large, I do not intend to upload archive pictures, I could scan many out of the books but I do not think that is an appropriate thing to do in this case.

Previous visitors to this section should note the following additions:

It makes sense to follow Wiener's classification, but that doesn't mean my coverage will be exhaustive too.

True Articulated Locomotives

1. Articulated Locomotives having one driven and one undriven bogie - eg single Fairlies

2. Articulated Locomotives with one engine and two driven bogies - eg geared locomotives such as Shay, Climax, Heisler (updated 28th March 2013)

3. Articulated Locomotives with two engines and two two sets of driving wheels - eg double Fairlies, Meyers, Garratts (updated 17th December 2019)

4. New Zealand Geared Locomotives (new, short section with a photograph and key link, added 3rd February 2017)

Semi-articulated Locomotives

1. Semi-articulated Locomotives with a single engine and two driven trucks eg Klien-Lindner axle locomotives (updated 27th January 2021)

2. Semi-articulated Locomotives with two engines and two sets of driving wheels eg Mallets

Temporarily Articulated Locomotives or Locomotives with Auxiliary Engines

1. Booster Engines

Utilisation of the tender's weight for propulsion

1. No Engine to the Tender eg modified Engerths, Stütz tender locomotives

2. Steam Tenders

Wikipedia and other Web Resources:

Summary page with its own reference list of links including pages for some of the main types -, but this is a very poor substitute for the books listed below and it is anything but definitive (as is this set of pages). There are a number of web pages which deal with specific types of articulated locomotives and these are listed in the relevant sections - please email me suggested additions. Note that my HTML editor has serious problems with hyperlinks that contain accented letters - the links may not work but the correct address is shown and can be copied and pasted into your browser.

Douglas Self's pages on unusual and extreme steam locomotives covers some amazing creatures, most of which are necessarily not articulated  - For his summary on articulated locomotives see

A mid-1930s viewpoint -

Bibliography, I doubt many of these books are still 'in print', please let me know of any more suitable titles to list:

Note these links:

Trackside Publications - - link is now dead

Locomotives International -

Books specifically on the subject of articulated steam locomotives

'Articulated Locomotives', Lionel Wiener, republished by Kalmbach, 1970/1, ISBN 0890240191

Articulated Locomotives of the World - a pictorial survey, Binns, Bradford Barton, 197x, ISBN 085153-291-2

Climax - An Unusual Steam Locomotive, Taber & Casler, Railroadians of America Inc., 1960, ISBN ?, I can't trace one.

The Climax Locomotive, Thompson, Dunn, Hauff et al, Oso, ISBN 0964752166, 978-0964752160 

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Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America - Volume 2 by Robert A. LeMassena, Sundance Publications 1991 ISBN 0-913582-54-9

Books with a wider range with significant content on articulated steam locomotives

The Era of the Bush Tramway in New Zealand, Mahoney, IPL Books, 1998, ISBN 0-908876-80-7

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World of South American Steam, Christian and Mills, privately published, 1974

Rob Dickinson