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Those were the days... Espartaco Sugar Mill

This is one of a series of pages showing my pictures of Cuban narrow gauge steam at work in the closing years.

Espartaco (Mill 413, 2'6" gauge) had to be my favourite of the trio of surviving narrow gauge steam mills between Santa Clara and Cienfuegos. The four elegant Baldwin 2-8-0 line locomotives had spent their whole working lives here and the mill had some quaint smaller creatures, a couple of firelesses and a couple of home made 'critters'. This is one of two pages of pictures from the mill - click here for the 'One Fine Day' page.

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Critter 4123 was found on a short passenger train near San Fernando de Camarones on 19th February 1996.

On the same day Baldwin 0-4-0 fireless 1131 was on patio duty.

Chris and Steve knew exactly where 1329 would be heading (Jurisdiccion) and we waited for it to appear on empties not far from where we had seen 4123 - by the time it returned the light would have been wrong for this bridge.

In due course she returned, the bullock seemed more interested in the train than it did me.

Nearer the mill, the fields had been burned off and this allowed an excellent view of 1329 on the climb.

On 9th March 1997, I tracked down 1326 at Jicotea which offered far fewer photographic opportunities, however centenarian steam was not to be sniffed at!

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Rob Dickinson