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Those were the days...  Augusto CÚsar Sandino Sugar Mill

This is one of a series of pages showing my pictures of Cuban narrow gauge steam at work in the closing years.

Augusto CÚsar Sandino (Mill 105) was the only 3ft gauge mill in the western part of the island. In the early 90s it had been closed for some years for 'rebuilding' but in the closing years it provided some excellent action particularly in the late afternoon with the field lines set in rolling countryside some way west of Havana.

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1404 (Alco 2-8-0) comes round the side of the northernmost loading point (Varela) to begin its journey back to the mill on 31st March 2000.

1667 (Baldwin 2-8-0) was transferred from Hermanos Ameijeiras mill in Villa Clara at a late stage and was a welcome addition to my 'collection' rounding the west to south curve at the north end of the system on 3rd April 2001.

1350 (Baldwin 2-8-0) had also come from Hermanos Ameijeiras but much earlier in 1993. Here it lifts its load on the gradient before Dos Hermanos loading point on 23rd February 1998.

1382 (Baldwin 2-8-0) came to an ignominious end when its boiler exploded in early 2000.  In happier times, it rounds the curve after Porvenir loading point on 28th February 1997.

1373 (Baldwin 2-8-0) was transferred at the same time as 1667 and is seen closer to the mill on 3rd April 2001.

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Rob Dickinson