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Preserved Steam (and more) in Taiwan 2015
Part 5 - The Sugar Railways' Diesel Locomotives

This is the fifth part of a series of pages arising from a March 2015 visit to Taiwan. James Waite and Takahide Yamamoto have contributed as indicated.


Part 1 - Main Line Steam

Part 2 - The Alishan Railway's Shays

Part 3 - The Alishan Railway's Diesels

Part 4 - The Sugar Railways' Steam Locomotives

Part 6 - Miscellaneous Sugar Rolling Stock

For a list of these diesel locomotives by type and last known location, please see (it starts after the steam locomotives).

What I have given below are examples of the types we saw, together with a suitable photograph. In the linked list there are others, most of which are extinct or have just one or two examples left. Unless otherwise stated, all are 6wD and 762mm gauge. While these pictures were taken at the five tourist mills, there are many active (Diema) locomotives at Huwei which appears to be the last working mill on the island.

Picture Number range Manufacturer Notes
  Click for full size image. 11 - 17 Hitachi 0-6-0, 1067mm gauge
Click for full size image. 40 - 54 Shuen-Feng
Click for full size image. 101 - 166 Diema B
Click for full size image. 167 - 191 Diema A 175 to UK, 185 to France, now at Pithivers see (probably page 20)
Click for full size image. 801 - 854 Hitachi 0-6-0
Click for full size image. 901 - 950 Brookville
Click for full size image. 951 - 954 Skagit

Rob Dickinson