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A glimpse of narrow gauge steam in North Korea 2003

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One of the delights of Florian Schmidt's pioneering visits had been the discovery of a serviceable 762mm gauge pre-war Japanese 2-8-0 (reported to formerly have been a 2-8-2) at Cholgwang (the loco shed is in the background).

In the foreground is the current locomotive fuel, a pile of old rubber tyres.

It was needed to service a nearby iron ore quarry, although from the state of their insides, the 1989 built wagons (and hence the railway) had seen little or no use for several years.

However, on February 2nd and 3rd, the locomotive and its short train did several runpasts for us in the station area, first to the south.....

As usual, the gricers studiously ignored traditional forms of local transport...

Although the line is disused, 1505 was able to take a short trip out north towards the port on 3rd February. Here it leaves the station with the shed in the background.

The line's signalling system remains intact.

Attractive Korean houses dot the hillside along the route.

Considering we had been promised just one steaming of 1505 during our visit, the overall photographic results were outstanding.

Rob Dickinson