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Steam in Negros

18 years ago I spent a magical 10 days on Negros in the Philippines. For some months, we have been asking for an up-to-date report on the remaining steam activity in the sugar mills - the result has been a resounding silence. Now I have an out-of-season report from Michael Reilly who is based in Manila on Luzon island. I hope to visit next season and would be glad to hear from anyone else interested in such a trip.

See also Johannes Müller's March 1997 report.

Hawaiian-Philippine Sugar Company, Silay City

In May 1997, the mill was closed for the annual shutdown, but the transportation manager confirmed that steam would be used next season. 7 locos will be in operation from about October, three for line work and four shunting but the lack of spare parts is proving a growing problem.

Victorias Milling

Despite its bankruptcy is expected to continue as a growing concern and is likely to have a Henschel 0-8-0T or two in action for shunting.

Central La Carlota

This had some active Baldwins last season, but has been taken over by Don Pedro, what effect this will have on future operations remains to be seen.

Lopez Sugar Central

Of the two Shays formerly in use here, one has apparently been plinthed, the whereabouts of the other are at present unknown.

Rob Dickinson