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C.F. Touristique du Tarn, 2013
Non-steam Locomotives

Thomas Kautzor writes of his visit to a French narrow gauge railway in August 2013:

On Aug. 15th - 18th the CFTT was holding its annual steam festival, this report includes basic information about the railway.

The CFTT have since built-up a huge collection, for a list of the locos of French, Swiss, Spanish and German origin, for details see, four of which are classified as “Historic Monuments”. 

In the 1970s the CFTT acquired a total of five Crochat 5L6.50 petrol-electric C-C locos from Salins du Midi. Only one (No. 9) is operational, while three others are stored , one of which used to operate here, with the 5th dismantled. They were all built in 1918 and very similar to the four-axled armoured models built for the French Army during WWI (one of which is preserved in Versailles).

On Sunday morning a diesel loco parade took place before the 10.30 train.

No. 6 Ruhrthaler KDL S1 1329/1934 ex Mr Delamont (Tarn-et-Garonne); No. E1 Genty 1/1958 (Vetra frame) ex-Dynamiterie Nitrochimie (Seine-et-Marne);

No. 4 Campagne TE 1915 ex-Ets. Potz, Ambérieux (Ain); No. 16 Deutz GK9B 56610/1956 ex Pechiney, Manosque (Aples de Hte. Provence);

Heim Liliput loco in use as the station yard shunter; No. 7 RACO 16 PS 1304/1946 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland);
No. 3 Jules Weitz CACL JW15 1948 ex-SNCF Artouste (Pyrénées-Atlantiques); No. 14 Patry P3 10-1981 ex-Usines des Chaux de Paviers (Indre-et-Loire) with works train;
No. 5 RACO 16 PS 1349/1948 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland) with ex-SNCF Artouste flat car; No. 10 Ruston LFT 518189/1965 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland);
No. 15 Decauville 3 tonnes 696/1939 ex Mine de Pessens (Aveyron); No. 22 LKM Ns2f 248894/1957 ex Thüringer Ziegelwerke Erfurt-Höngeda (GDR);
No. 19 Jules Weitz 982/1920? ex-Carrière de Naucelle (Aveyron); No. 1 Heim Liliput 315LL/1955 ex-Salins du Midi (Aude), with the CFTT’s 1st passenger coach;
No. 17 rebuilt from underground Schöma CFL60DCL 4199/1978 ex-Minas de Figols No. 3 (Catalunya); No. 9 Crochat 5L6.50 petrol-electric of 1918
No. 24 Billard T75P 196/1945 ex-St-Gobain, Cirey-sur-Vezouse (Meurthe-et-Moselle); SMDF Dufel 1000 underground mining electric loco from the Minas de Figols (Catalunya).

Rob Dickinson