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Steam in Myanmar, November 2002

Manfred Schoeler, veteran of many bashes here, reports:


No regular steam to Nyaungkashe

Steam on stone trains from Mottama Line to Yangon

Other freight service on demand

Frequent specials with YC 629 to Nyaungkashe (1.11. / 5.11. / 14.11)

Can be quite steamy as on 5.11.2002 late afternoon:
YC 626 on stopover on a special freight with rice from Mottama to Yangon,
YC 629 arriving with as special on Local 170 from Nyaungkashe
YD 973 arrived in the morning with a stone train,
YD 974 for light engine to Thazi at night


YD 962 / 970 based here. They are used on request on trains 85 / 86 to Bago (as on 26.+27.11.2002)
The track on the Sittong Bridge is under repair. So delays are very common. On 7.11.2002 train 86 arrived 15 hours delayed in Bago (morning around 9:00) YD 970.


Locals to Madauk should be railcar. I saw it cancelled. Everybody is waiting for an order from the HQ how to continue. The only steam loco in the shed was the stored D 1032.

Notes from the Locoboard:

YB 508 in Toungoo / Pyinmana (based at Yedashe Sugar Mill)

YB 536 HR Insein 15.06.2002

YC 627 HR Insein 15.06.2002

YD 974 Teakwood trains from Paleik near Mandalay to Yangon. Train No. 507 up / 508 dn, twice a month, seen on 2.11. late afternoon leaving Bago Jn.


YB 533 and YD 967 are in use for sugar cane traffic. Both seen in steam on 20.11.2002. YB 508 is based at Yedashe Sugar Mill. Traffic in the late afternoon and at night.

Mandalay - Yangon

There is (was) a teakwood transport from Paleik (5 Miles south of Mandalay) to Yangon. This was run with steam one or two times a month. I saw this train on 2.11.2002 on departure from Bago. In Paleik I was told a few days later that this trains were not successful and cancelled again. If it is running steam locos from Pyinmana, Toungoo, Pyuntaza and Bago are in use for that.

Burma Mines

Shunting in Namyao (Junction with the MG) should be steam with Nr.42. (I was told that second hand)


Plinthed M 157 in shed

YC 629 with 'special' Local 170 at the signal gantry in Bago

YD 974 with the twice monthly teak wood train from Paleik near Mandalay to Yangon

YD 970 just arrived in Bago with delayed train 86 from Mottama

At Konegyi YB 508 has to give way for Express No.12 from Mandalay to Yangon.

Rob Dickinson