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The White Pass and Yukon Route 2011
Special Charter Train Operation

Use the links below for other parts of James Waite' report of his visit:

For further information on this railway and its rolling stock, James recommends the following excellent articles:

Trevor Heath worked here during the 2010 season has added some background information to the current scene, you can get a further flavour of this special operation on his own pages:

James bought in to just one day, the main tour group had 2-8-0 69 (Baldwin 32962/1908) out three times:

This was 69 outside Skagway shops prior to operation:

69 leaving Fraser station

69 seen across the valley near Clifton

69 crossing the international border at White Pass summit

69 near Meadows

69 makes its way around Fraser loop

69 crosses the Thompsons River bridge near Fraser

69 near Meadows

Again 69 near Meadows, showing the interesting 'consist'.

Rob Dickinson