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The White Pass and Yukon Route 2011
Diesels and the Rest of the Steam Fleet

Use the links below for other parts of James Waite' report of his visit:

For further information on this railway and its rolling stock, James recommends the following excellent articles:

Trevor Heath worked here during the 2010 season has added some background information to the current scene, you can get a further flavour of this special operation on his own pages:

Alco diesels at Skagway shops - actually they are from the Montreal arm of the company.

Two of the rebuilt GE shovelnose diesels run round their train at Skagway station.

A lengthy cruise ship trains waiting to leave the Railroad Dock at Skagway - 18 coaches and 3 locos! Curiously the track on the dock, a steel structure, is mixed 3ft/standard gauge even there can't be any standard gauge railways for hundreds of miles around. It was built into the structure as there is a long term possibility that  the line will be rebuilt to standard gauge to once again carry minerals from the Canadian interior. 

The remains of 4-6-0 60 (Baldwin 17750/1900) at Skagway shops. The loco was rescued in 1990 after standing for many years in the Skagway River and is a long-term restoration project. Sister 61 was sold by a Skagway resident to an individual in Wisconsin for restoration for one USD.

MacArthur 2-8-2 195 (Baldwin 69430/1943) standing near Skagway Museum

2-6-0 52 (Brooks Loco Works 567/1881) standing outside Skagway shops. This loco and its sister no. 51 were acquired by the WP&Y second hand soon after construction began and ended their lives on the Taku Tram, a short portage line east of Carcross in the 1930's. There's a long term plan to restore no. 52 to working order although this may be stymied as it is unclear who owns it. No. 51 is preserved at the McBride Museum at Whitehorse.

The Duchess (Baldwin 4424/1878) at Carcross station.  This loco worked at a colliery at Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, before being acquired by the WP&Y.  It's been on display at Carcross since 1931 and had previously been used as a rubbish incinerator there.

Snowblower no. 1 (Cooke Loco & Machine Works 56/1899) at Skagway station. Click the thumbnail for Dave Blaze's shot on showing it in action earlier in 2011.

Rob Dickinson