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To the Greater Glory of the Gods

Some of the most glorious examples of Hindu-Buddhist art are found in the temples of Java:

Gedong Songo's temples are small but the setting is glorious. The volcanoes are Sumbing and Sindoro.

Gedong Songo

Merbabu on the left with Merapi just visible behind.

Gedong Songo

Also high up in the hills is Candi Sukuh

Candi Sukuh

Candi Cetu is the most isolated of the major Java temples:

Candi Cetu

Of course the giant stupa at Borobudur is better known:


This one of the many carved panels:


Finally here is the magnificent Hindu temple at Prambanan:


However, a significant small minority of Javanese (especially in the hills of East and Central Java) remain Hindu and have their own modern temples.

Contemporary hindu temple

Even Java's Muslim population make pilgrimages to pray at the tombs of the Wali Songo (9 saints) who brought Islam to Java. This is Gunung Jati near Cirebon:

Gunung Jati

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson