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Those were the days... Wonolangan Sugar Mill

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Wonolangan had the dubious distinction of being an all OK mill, a situation compounded by the most interesting locomotive, a 30HP Mallet being long out of use. When I last heard, the fleet was still present although with the closure of the field lines none will be used again here.

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After we had been to Kedawung on 4th June 1978, Peter Nettleship and I made our way to Wonolangan. Not a great deal was going on, OK 0-8-0T #6 was sitting near the shed.

I brought a group here in 1984 and even less was going on as they had at least one new Japanese diesel. When I returned on 21st August 1990, it was 'situation normal' for OK 0-8-0T #3.

On 12th July 1997, frankly I was surprised to find OK 0-8-0T #2 in steam (it was actually #5 in disguise) and since I had never seen a steam locomotive here move anything except itself, I persuaded the crew to take a few empties just outside the mill. The tank sides were still inscribed with 1991's Visit Indonesia Year Rhino, a clear sign of how much it had worked since then!

On August 9th in the same year, #3 was in steam and I coaxed this out on to the bridge outside the mill with a few empties... 

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Rob Dickinson