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Those were the days... Tersana Baru Sugar Mill

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Tersana Baru is the largest mill in the Cirebon area and it stuck with steam (in the yard) well into the 21st century but steam field working finished long before:

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My first visit to Tersana Baru was on 13th June 1978. Peter Nettleship and I were escorted to the yard where we found Jung 0-4-4-0T #9 on duty, there were hardly any other locomotives to be seen, all were away in the fields. Once the chief engineer had left us, staff revealed that there was in fact a serious operating problem caused by a derailment near Luwung Gajah. However, I was lucky to see the Mallet in steam as it didn't last much longer.

We were taken out to where several overnight trains were parked waiting to continue their journey, one of them was hauled by Jung 0-8-0T #19.

By the time the trains were able to come in (and we saw more than half a dozen, one after another), the light had unfortunately failed but it was still a splendid sight. Among the cavalcade and seen on the final approach to the mill was DB 0-8-0T #11 - later renumbered 12 according to my notes.

By way of contrast, Maffei 0-8-0T #20 was performing just north of the mill on 30th July 1988 as the sun went down.

By the time it crossed the main line outside the mill, the only photographic option was a silhouette, with the obligatory Gunung Cireme behind.

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Rob Dickinson