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Those were the days... Sindanglaut Sugar Mill

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Sindanglaut is the first mill east of Cirebon, it stuck with steam in the fields well into the 21st century but there is no longer any steam activity here. 

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Sindanglaut locomotives were traditionally green, but for just one year they were painted a garish orange (and renumbered to confuse the unwary visitor). Jung 0-6-0T #4 (actually #1!) was employed to work the ash train just outside the mill on 24th August 1996.

The regular yard pilot was Borsig 0-8-0T #6 (normally #7), it was photographed brewing up one evening in late July 1996.

The two OK 0-8-0T #12 and #13 kept their old numbers. Here they wait to work a long train back to the mill as the sun goes down on 26th July 1996; as normal actual departure was just a little too late for conventional photography. The following season saw both original numbers and livery restored.

Sindanglaut was a profoundly frustrating mill for action photography and this counts as yet another glorious failure with Gunung Cireme watching over OK 0-8-0T #12 on 25th July 1994 as the setting sun vanishes behind the clouds.

OK 0-8-0T #13 gets attention as it prepares to work an early evening train back to the mill on 25th August 1994.

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Rob Dickinson