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Those were the days... Purwodadi Sugar Mill

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Purwodadi originally had a large fleet but in the 1980s the mill abandoned its field lines and most of the steam locomotives were set aside and later scrapped. The road yard operation has hardly changed since then...

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Purwodadi had two small OK 2-4-0T to work the yard. This was #3 on 5th August 1975, certainly my first ever sugar mill in Java, possibly my first ever photograph and certainly not my best!

I returned on 8th June 1978, this was the only time I recorded OK 0-8-0T #18, like more than half the fleet it vanished very early on. 

The bridge is still there outside the mill and it still sees steam, but I wonder how people viewing this page saw #3 on it as I did on 26th May 1979?

The same morning, OK 0-8-0T #17 had got into trouble on a returning cane train and large OK 0-8-0T #5 was dispatched to help.

Purwodadi had a large OK allocation with just two locomotives from other builders, both of which were scrapped long ago. DB 0-8-0T #13 was outside the shed on 24th August 1983.

Maffei 0-8-0T #7 was the other non OK locomotive, photographed on the same day.

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Rob Dickinson