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Those were the days... Pesantren Sugar Mill

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The old mill at Pesantren was a modest affair which was replaced by a large new mill nearby in the 1970s. The original steam fleet was totally inadequate and many Mallets were transferred from Ngadirejo and these lasted into the 21st century even though the field lines were quickly abandoned.

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Pesantren sat astride the Kediri to Pare tramway seen under OK 0-6-0T #5's tender on 1st June 1978. I was waiting for B1706 on the afternoon train to Pare.

Two days later, OK 0-8-0T #9 was at work in the same area and this time it was to be B2301 on the tram service, by special arrangement. 

During the same stay in Kediri, I rode out on OK 0-4-4-0T #189 on a field working to the south, it was an unremittingly gloomy experience throughout. 

Another ex-Ngadirejo OK Mallet was #150 seen sitting outside the shed at the old mill on 21st August 1983.

By 2nd August 1997, there was nowhere in Java where you could hope to see more than one working Mallet except Pesantren. DB 0-4-4-0T #216 was at work with several sister locomotives then at the new Pesantren mill.

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Rob Dickinson