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Those were the days... Pangka Sugar Mill

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Pangka is a mill which has changed little over the years reviewed as it closed most of its field lines quite early and the residual yard operation has hardly changed save for the repainting of the locomotives from green to orange as part of its developing tourist programme.

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My first visit to Pangka was on 25th April 1977, where I found it had made a very early start to the season. Most of the fleet was on shed early in the morning and each in turn was posed for me. Sometime later Jung 0-6-2T #6 seen here was transferred to Sragi where it worked for a number of years.

This must have been one of the few (maybe only) occasions I ever rode out at Pangka. Later the same morning OK 0-8-0T #10 crosses a small bridge north-west of Slawi on a line which probably made an end on connection with Jatibarang's similarly gauged 600mm system. I was (correctly) much more interested in the residual mainline steam which was going fast at the time, so I jumped off when we crossed the main road and returned to Tegal.

Apart from a change in paint scheme and the quantity of locomotives in steam, this is a morning scene outside the shed which has barely changed in the 25 years since it was taken 20th August 1984. 

Former Jatibarang #3A had become Pangka #4 (the original #4 like #6 had now gone to Sragi) and was caught working a yard train on 19th August 1988. It didn't last much longer.

This slide does not show super-gricer at his brilliant best as I had inadvertently managed to load 200ASA film instead of the regular 64ASA film... However, this rather poor image has improved with a bit of 'Photoshopping' and shows Couillet 0-6-0T #7 substituting for a diesel on the mud train on 26th July 1995.

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Rob Dickinson