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Those were the days... Pajarakan Sugar Mill

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Pajarakan was another 100% OK mill. When the diesels came in the 1980s, the best of the steam fleet was relocated to Olean and Asembagus.

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I never got to Pajarakan on the 1978 bash, I rather regret not taking the opportunity to visit in 1976 when I rode a C19 here from Jati (Probolinggo) but there was too much main line steam around then. So on 1st June 1979, I presented myself at the mill and managed to photograph five out of seven locomotives, as it happens I have many pictures of the other two at Olean. OK 0-8-0T #1 has also since gone to Olean.

OK 0-4-2T #2 was too small to be of interest to other mills and was left to rust away when it was no longer needed here. The youthful  tourist, of course, was my very young daughter whose interest in steam has not been maintained...

If #2 was too small, then OK 0-4-2T #6 was merely a toy engine. If it had survived in this condition notwithstanding its gauge it would have surely ended up on some preservationist's shopping list.

The last time I saw steam working at Pajarakan was on 29th July 1984. Seen here is OK 0-8-0T #5 'Bromo' which would later become my personal favourite at Olean.

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Rob Dickinson