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Those were the days... Pagottan Sugar Mill

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The old mill at Pagottan was replaced by a newer second hand mill from Sumatra not so long ago. With greater capacity and the field lines abandoned, a large new road yard was needed which is served by the mill's fleet of small diesels. In recent years one (or more) of the Luttermöllers has been used to propel loris up to the mill.

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I first saw Pagottan's locomotives while chasing the B50s on the Ponorogo branch. On 16th May 1976, OK Luttermöller 0-10-0T #6 was heading out to the fields with some empties as I passed.

On 24th August 1984, I travelled out to find OK 0-8-0T #2 coming in on a short train past a small school in a village south-west of the mill. 

On 15th August 1986, Henschel 0-8-0T #5 was sorting a rake of loaded cane loris. In those days road deliveries had to be reversed over the weighbridge which was an inefficient and time consuming process.

On the same day, I found Borsig 0-8-0T #4 roadside on its way to the fields. 

By 9th August 1994, a new road delivery yard had been built and the field lines would soon close. This was a wonderful line up of #1 (OK 0-8-0T), #2 and #5 in front of the gantry.  

I very much wanted to see one of the Luttermöllers at work on a cane train in the fields but I was running out of time. The best I managed was OK 0-10-0T #7 arriving in the deep cutting south of the mill with a short morning train on 22nd August 1995.

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Rob Dickinson