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Those were the days... Mojopanggung Sugar Mill

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Mojopanggung is a somewhat remote mill outside Tulungagung and rarely visited. Like the other mills in this area, it abandoned its field lines early on but steam survived in the mill into the 21st century. However, eventual rationalisation saw total dieselisation.

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I went with Peter Nettleship to Mojopanggung very early on 2nd June 1978 and it took us an eternity to get in as they insisted we wait for and then take tea with the administrator. Later on we met up with the yard shunter, OK 0-8-0T #1 with OK valve gear. It was underpowered and retired early but survives preserved in the mill grounds.

We were personally escorted by the boss to the yard where we found OK 0-4-4-0T #10, which later became Gempolkerep 5. 

Such a visit as ours was a rare occasion then and a group of staff was rounded up for the obligatory souvenir picture - you'll have not trouble identifying our host. Of course, afterwards they all got out of the way for the other group picture.

Alas of the mill's two Baldwins, one (#9) was stuck in the back of the shed and there was no trace of the other (#8). When we politely expressed our disappointment as they were the main reason to come here, the boss said "Ah, you should have been here by 07.00 to see it!". Of course we had been but we couldn't tell him. However, he saved the day in characteristically generous fashion by sending us out in his Land Rover to find it - it was a hell of a long way by road as there was a rail but no road bridge in between. The journey back on the loco was straight out of the sun but it was a wonderful ride...  This locomotive is reported preserved here.

OK 0-8-0T #2 was shunting in the yard when I came here on 16th August 1994.

One could readily imagine that DB 0-8-0T #6 was on some kind of field line as opposed to the headshunt on the same day. Apart from #1 and #8 all the other locomotives here are reported scrapped.

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Rob Dickinson