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Those were the days... Lestari Sugar Mill

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Lestari is a large modern mill, which got rid of its railway system very early on, I saw little of it and I guess few visitors saw much more.

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On the 1975 Dorridge tour, we passed Vulcan Iron Works 0-6-0T #1 next to the road west of Kertosono. We all piled out of the bus, photographed it and piled back on as the Pare tram was a much more enticing prospect... Later it was transferred to Gempolkerep when the rest of the fleet was scrapped but I don't believe it worked there.

Somewhat intrigued, I was back at Lestari on 28th May 1978. Their Borsig 0-4-4-0T #6 was their most unusual locomotive, it was a shame the light was all wrong then because I never saw it again...

A few days later on 1st June 1978 I had another look at the mill and all I turned up was OK 0-4-4-0T #7 on a short mixed train of empties and mud skips.

I had hoped to get another crack at OK 0-10-0 #4 which I had seen working a long train from the road delivery yard some way out, but it was a quiet day and there was no action unlike the previous visit seen here. In recent years this Luttermöller has been working at Gempolkerep.

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Rob Dickinson