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Those were the days... Kedawung Sugar Mill

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Kedawung was a mill where I should have done much better as it maintained steam working in the fields through most of the 1980s, but I never got round to it. It then went through a phase of running tourist trains (it is not far from Bromo) but these came to an end when the principal user stopped paying his bills. For some years steam was kept serviceable for charters but none of the income was ploughed back into maintenance... Since the field lines are still in use and Bromo is still there, it is not impossible some kind of tourist operation will reappear at some stage.

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As I recall, 4th June 1978 was a Sunday and the Masinis I was sitting at home bored when I turned up with Peter Nettleship in the late morning. He poured us a very welcome cold Bintang and then took us on a personal tour. OK 0-6-0T #12 was found on the lines to the north side of the mill

We then rode out to find Maffei 0-4-2T #17 which was working on the south side. At that stage it still carried a plate for its former mill, Jatiroto.

However, the main target for our visit was the unique baby Breda 0-6-0T #16 which was the yard pilot.

I checked out the mill on 21st August 1991 at the end of my tour. As I recall nothing was in steam, but OK 0-8-0T #15 in a very strange livery was pulled out of the shed for me. 

In 1995, I was tipped off by Ray Schofield that the Breda had been repaired and he had arranged to have it steamed on 19th August. We quickly found some mud skips and got it to run up and down the yard. This became a feature of my tours until more repairs were needed and the revenue from the charters had been spent on other things...

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Rob Dickinson