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Those were the days... Ceper Baru Sugar Mill

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Ceper closed at the end of the 1997 season, it was a strange mill, apart from the road gantry, everything including staff housing was inside in a large secure compound. Of all the mills I visited this had possibly the least friendly management of any, on one occasion with a tour group even though we had full permission from headquarters and had done no more than cluster round the shed for an hour we were asked to leave.

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My first visit to Ceper was on 22nd May 1979 and not a great deal was going on... Jung 0-6-0T #4 was standing in the yard and it was the only time I saw it at Ceper as it was soon transferred to Banjaratma where it became their #8.

My next extended visit was on 23rd August 1986, when I rode Jung 0-4-4-0T #5 out into the fields where I was rewarded with a loaded cane train in glorious afternoon light.

Fast forwarding to 29th July 1995, the condition of the locomotives has deteriorated markedly. Sister Jung 0-4-4-0T #8 was working the mud train just outside the mill and at one stage had to be 'bump started' by another passing locomotive!

Previously on the same morning, BMAG 0-10-0T #10 had come with a much delayed overnight cane train.

It was unusual to see the large BMAGs #9 and 10 together, on 3rd August 1997 they slipped past each other outside the shed.

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Rob Dickinson