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Abbey Hill Steam Rally 2014
Working Steam

This is one of a series of pages which I have uploaded to illustrate facets of steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Such events occur all over the country in the summer months, they are easily found by using your favourite search engine and may have anything between a handful of steam engines and hundreds (as at the Great Dorset Steam Fair which could probably be fairly described as having an excess of riches). Click here for the Abbey Hill 2014 index and click here for the overall index for 2014.

The sole 'working engine' was Allchin "Royal Chester" (3251/1925), the saw bench is a Stenner and Gunn No. 4. What is not clear from the pictures is that it readily comes apart and the lighter section can be stacked above to ease movement between venues. There is a YouTube video of the action available - Although not obvious, activity was limited owing to one of the large trunks supplied being so damp that it damaged the saw blade.

Fowler 14332/1914 was in attendance in the same area but I suspect this was to accompany the Westonzoyland stationary steam engine next to it.


Working Engine

The Saw Bench

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson