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Marcle Steam Rally 2015
Working Steam

This is one of a series of pages which I have uploaded to illustrate facets of steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Such events occur all over the country in the summer months, they are easily found by using your favourite search engine and may have anything between a handful of steam engines and hundreds (as at the Great Dorset Steam Fair which could probably be fairly described as having an excess of riches). Click here for the Marcle index and click here for the overall 2015 index.

One of the joys of Marcle is the working demonstrations, YouTube videos of the first two sections will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel in a few days time.

Steam Ploughing and 'Dredging'

Fowlers 14378 and 15183 were ploughing as is normal here, this time they were using what was described as a 'semi-digger'. The 1960s combine harvester was working hard to keep in front of the ploughers. It is not impossible that a scene like this occurred when the combine harvester was brand new as a small amount of steam ploughing continued until the mid-1960s.

Great fun was had with a dredge to demonstrate the final use of these engines, initially across grass by way of practice and then using some ploughed up earth. 

Saw Bench

Richard Wilcox's Burrell 3368 'Coeur de Lion' was substituting for 'Diamond Queen' which was temporarily indisposed, using the Brown's saw bench.

The second row of pictures shows Aveling and Porter 2436 operating a system utilising a hand crane formerly at Bromfield station on the Hereford to Shrewsbury railway line. The gauge of the small railway was measured as 610mm (2 ft). This is the system seen at Banbury in 2014.

Threshing and Baling

Barrows and Carmichael portable (316 ca 1865) was powering a Ransome's Thresher. Click here for a 2014 YouTube video of this operation.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson