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Preserved Steam Rollers and other Steam Engines in Thailand

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Please see also my list of preserved and extant steam locomotives and steam cranes in Thailand. I would like to acknowledge the help given by Derek Rayner, Chris Grimes, Peter Green, John Tomlinson, Ray Gardiner, Shane O'Neill, Peter Busby, David Welch, Michael Pass, Mark Robinson and Chris Yapp in assembling this list.

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Steam Rollers

IMPORTANT - Albaret rollers have often been reported as '1926', this actually refers to the decree which required the boilers/fireboxes to carry an identification plate. The Thai examples were all supplied in the first half of the 1950s, often the small circular boiler disc has just "53" or similar for the year of build on it. Will future visitors please check this. Works number 1953 (of 1953) also went to the Far East (Indonesia) but is now in the UK, via Australia; as one of a trio from this period that were sold on to Australia.







Bangkok Rama 1 Road

Garrett - Leiston, England



Pathumwan Institute of Technology, permission needed to enter. Formerly at the National Science Education Centre, Ekamai, Bangkok (shown here).
Robert Whitehead adds: This is an 8 ton three shaft roller, with single cylinder, code-name 'Prince'. It was sold to the Royal State Railways of Siam, Bangkok.


National Science Education Centre, Ekamai, Bangkok

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France



GPS Coordinates 13.719565 N, 100.582447 E


Suphanburi, Highways Department

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France



At Highways Department, just north of town centre.


Sukothai Highways Department


At Highways Department, on the main road to Phitsanulok, east of town


Udon Thani (29th December 2010)

Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln, England 10km south of the town on the Khon Kaen road, incomplete.
6 Bangkok Rama 1 Road Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France 1964 Pathumwan Institute of Technology, permission needed to enter, see

Nakhon Sawon

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France

(likely 195?)

2 or 3 km south of Nakhon Sawan on the east side of Route 1, in the grounds of 'council offices' most likely the Highways Department.

8 Lom Sak Highways Dept  Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France 1987 195? Not actually in Lom Sak at all, but alongside the main road (12) a few km further East, towards Nam Nao, by the traffic lights & junction. 

Bangna Trad / Srinakarin Junction, Bangkok. 

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France



Belongs to the Highways Department
GPS Coordinates 13.665008 N, 100.645085 E


Sakon Nakhon

Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln, England


ca 1921

Two cylinder compound. Plinthed in the Highways Office gardens. On the left at the end of highway 22 from Udon Thani, where it meets the main road into town, opposite the 4 columned ornamental arch.

GPS Co-ordinates: N 17.1705514 E 104.1425226

11 (near) Chiang Mai Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln, England 143152 10km north of Chiang Mai on right side of highway 107 to Mae Rim opposite Don Kaew Community Hospital.
12 (near) Chiang Mai Aveling & Porter On the 1006 road, some 3km east of San Kamphaeng and about 20 km east of Chiang Mai, outside the Highway sub-district office. For a 2008 picture on a different base see Picture on .

Krabi Beach Resort

Aveling & Porter

Strictly it's at Ao Nang. Diesel conversion! For pictures see, and

14 Nakhon Chaisi (near Nakhon Pathom) Aveling & Porter Jesada Teknik Museum have a 10ton Aveling and Porter subsequently converted to diesel. See (link dead 26th April 2014)

Bangkok, Department of Highways Museum, Rama VI Road

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France




Nakhon si Thammarat, Highways Department

Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France

See this blog -, the picture is here

17 Nakhon Phanom Aveling and Porter 10375 1922 Piston Valves

Tessaban Office, GPS Co-ordinates: N 17.4078208 E 104.7808239

18 Nakhon Phanom Aveling-Barford (ca 1949) Nakhon Phanom District Highways Office, GPS Co-ordinates: N 17.3709763 E 104.7933811

Carries boiler number 4225 (last recorded number is 4222 so works number cannot be worked out)

19 Surat Thani Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France 1969 195? Highway Offices, Phun Phin, about 1km from the railway station in the direction of the town.
20 Wiang Sa, Nan Aveling-Barford AH430 1950(?) Head north from the cross roads in the centre of town and it's on the left after about 100 metres. 
Thought to the newest surviving steam roller from Aveling Barford, a title previously held by AH425 in the UK. 
21 Bangkok, Department of Highways Museum, Rama VI Road Henschel
Information please on these three!
22 Lampang Aveling-Barford See this picture.
23 Phatthalung Henschel See this blog and this picture. At Saen Suk Lampam Beach
24 Highways Office, Phitsanulok Ruston and Hornsby See this picture and this picture and this picture. Viewable in Google Streetview.
25 Lamphun Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France 21km from Lamphun on Route 11 towards Lampang on south side of the road

The following pictures shown part of a Henschel compound roller preserved in Chiang Mai - for the location see note 29 at the bottom of the preserved Thai steam locomotive list.


Traction Engines







Bangkok Rama 1 Road

John Fowler - Leeds, England


Pathumwan Institute of Technology, permission needed to enter. Formerly at the National Science Education Centre, Ekamai, Bangkok

52 Kanchanaburi War Museum. Derek Rayner's best guess is that it is from a Marshall steam roller.
53 Song, Phrae County (see link right) Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 32013 1920 More information and pictures are available.

Bangkok, Department of Highways Museum, Rama VI Road



According to David Parfitt / Derek Rayner this is a Marshall 'Gainsborough' type.

Portable and Other Steam Engines






Talard Park, Nakorn Sri Thammarat

Ruston Proctor, Lincoln, England

GPS Coordinates 8.452848 N, 99.951583 E
Possibly from a rice or saw mill in the area, dates from period 1899 - 1918

  101 22 km east of Ubon Ratchathani on Highway 217 Garrett ca 1924 By the entrance gate to the Department of Agriculture Crops Research Centre. More information and pictures are available.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson