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Raj Steam - The Indian Sub-Continent - On Line
The Martin's Lines in 1968

While most of India's public narrow gauge lines were nationalised into Indian Railways, a few were not. Of this minority, most drifted into the control of Indian Railways and became almost indistinguishable from the others. However, the Martin's lines maintained their independence and their unique character to the very end. All the railways listed below have been  included previously, but I believe the pictures of John Benson's visits in 1968 are of a quality and a rareness that merits special mention and promotion.

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1. Nepal  

2. South  and Central Indian Narrow Gauge  

3. East and North-East India Narrow Gauge  

4. West India Narrow Gauge  

5. North India Narrow Gauge  

6. Sri Lanka Narrow Gauge  

7. Pakistan Narrow Gauge

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