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Raj Steam - The Indian Sub-Continent - On Line
Jan Willem van Dorp at Large

Jan Willem van Dorp made several trips to India and Pakistan from 1983, as such he was later than many others. However, he almost invariably rode out and back on the trains and his is a different viewpoint from most of the existing contributors - there are no supershine engines and no runpasts on bridges.

The links below will open a new tab or window in your browser and take you directly to his contributions. When you come to the end of Jan Willem's pictures for one of the lines, close the window / tab and return to this page for the next one.

The collection is now complete, as I have now revisited his Nepal contribution as they have been rescanned to a much better quality..


Nepal (upgraded images)


Western Railway

Eastern Railway

Central Railway

South Central Railway

South Eastern Railway

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Click on the links below to view the available parts in full:

1. Nepal  

2. South  and Central Indian Narrow Gauge  

3. East and North-East India Narrow Gauge  

4. West India Narrow Gauge  

5. North India Narrow Gauge  

6. Sri Lanka Narrow Gauge  

7. Pakistan Narrow Gauge

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