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Major Update 21st December 2014
The Kosi Project and Nepal Government Railway
from John Benson (1966-8)

Updated 5th December 2014 with  Stewart Blencowe (1981) and Chris Grimes (1982)

More contributors always very welcome!!!

The news that the Janakpur Railway in Nepal is no more prompted me to start with a small tribute to one of the loveliest narrow gauge railways ever to grace the planet. What is now available I would like to think of as an early Beta version, there are some beautiful images available (about 180 in all) and the text is adequate at best. I know that there will be other photographers who can add to the record. I will compile an 'Images of Rail CD' (actually several) in due course but it will be a stepwise process.

Eventually, the images will be available as a (cheap) download these will be higher quality JPG images and without the water marks present in this version.

Special thanks go to the late Peter Michie (PM) and Brian/Marion Manktelow (BM/MM), who allowed me to go through their entire collections taken on many extended visits. Without their co-operation it would have been impossible to make this compilation. The late Chris Walker (CW) was again an absolute mine of information on obscure railways and locomotives.

Other contributors to the Raj Steam series are gratefully acknowledged: Bill Alborough (BA), the late George Bamberry (GB), John Benson (JB), the late Bruce Chennel (BC), Stewart Blencowe (SB), Mark Carter (MC) the late Derek Cross (DC), Jan Willem van Dorp (JD), the late David Eatwell (DE), Gordon Edgar (GE), Rod Farr (RF), Alexander Gillieron (AG), Chris Grimes (CG), the late Peter Hodge (PH), Rob Kingsford-Smith (RK), Wilson Lythgoe (WL), Laurie Marshall (LM), Peter Newsome (PN), Richard Pelham (RP), the late Basil Roberts (BR), Bernd Seiler (BS), the late John Tillman (JT).

If you can contribute, please email me at the address below, those whose pictures are used will be invited to download the existing Images of Rail products and will obviously be entitled to the parts of this project as they are prepared.

Raj Steam - Nepal - On Line

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