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Penang's Rubber Rollers
Part 3

This is part of a series of pages on relics of Penang's rubber industrial heritage. The others are:

This page covers 'horizontal' machines which I think will prove to be later models.

'Eagle Brand' was first seen on a pair between Balik Pulau and Paya Terubong, I've no idea what 'C.T.S.' stood for, it would certainly have identified the rubber sheets. It has turned out to be the single most common type.

Probably not a kilometre away was another pair, they were so covered in vegetation that I walked past them. Fortunately, Yuehong spotted them.

A further less complete example is above Telok Kumbar, its 'other half' was here too.

A single plain roller example was found above Pulau Betong:

This example was found above Pondok Upeh, the other roller is a Jelutong, Penang product and is shown in Part 1.

This is the only pair from this maker, discovered above Bayan Lepas. The maker is the 'Seng Lee Company', Penang ('Victory Ironworks') and the design of the airplane suggests it is post WW2.

There are a number of apparently similar later machines, the breakthrough came when we found one (of a pair) with a plate on it which reads "Inclined Rubber Rolling Mill. Made in the People's Republic of China. China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation, Dairen Branch." Yuehong comments that Dairen is now known as Dalian and that the use of Chinese traditional characters means it was built before ca 1970.

A single example of this type was seen in a scrap yard / recycling centre in Balik Pulau. It carried 'Leong Chuan' identification:

None of those that follow are marked, but appear to be of the same origin. This pair were seen on the Bukit Elvira Road above Balik Pulau:

Further examples of the type have also been found in two locations on the south side of the Sungai Ara valley:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson