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Selected Penang Walks - Anjung Indah to Balik Pulau

This is part of a series of pages on walking the hills of Penang.

This is a Grade 2 walk. There is a sketch map at the bottom showing the route followed.

Please visit my Penang buses page for information on accessing the starting point.

Take a  502 bus, get off at Anjung Indah and carefully walk down the road towards Air Itam. Turn right on to the concrete road at km 2.3 and left just after electricity pole JTS 40 8, follow the path down until you come to a Y junction - this is not too far behind the house in the first picture but avoids the dogs. Turn right here and head south into the orchard. Very soon the trail becomes concreted and just to the right of where Yuehong is standing there is a wide trail running up the hill - final picture in the group.

We have yet to check the up direction so go down. Someone has spent a lot of effort to clear it, if concreted it would happily take a car, but enjoy it as it it winds round the side of the ridges and down until eventually you come to a cleared area with a birds' nest factory.

Across the valley you can see a concrete road, and you will soon joined, aim for the hut on the other side.

Here the road finishes and continues as a path, (the road must also have come down from Jalan Tun Sardon). Looking back to the masts you can see that you have come quite some way downhill.

The good concrete path doesn't last long, look for a small path on the left up to the ridge which is another fruit orchard.

Looking out you get a contrasting vista:

Slightly above is a developing vegetable area, go up to the hut which is at the end of another (old) concrete path. Take it as  it continues slightly downwards.

There is just one junction, be sure to take the left fork. The other picture shows what will happen if you go right (and it soon gets even worse).

Go on down until you can see a house above you, turn right and climb up towards it.

This is on a road that leads up from what was Relau village, don't go down! Start climbing to the right and very soon you will come to the junction where right leads up to 'The Carpet'. Going straight on would allow you to use a network of paths to get down to Sungai Ara (see the map), but don't try it unless you are familiar with the area.

The wide road leads up the hill past a transmission mast and eventually reaches a birds' nest factory. Just as you reach the second one, a concrete path goes off on the right. Follow it up into the rubber until it reaches the ridge. Go straight down, the path becomes a road 

At the bottom, find your way round the side of the gates, turn right and in 5 minutes you will be on Jalan Tun Sardon, just beyond the electrical sub-station is a large bay where we always manage to persuade a downhill 502 bus to pick us up. Even if you want to go to George Town it is best to go down and take another bus back up.

It's a very nice walk in an area which has seen little publicity about its potential.

Relau Area


 ____ = Concrete Road

 ____ = Path

 ____ = Easy 'Off piste'

 ____ = Seriously 'Off piste'

(Not all paths are shown, there are many more
which are seasonal or just go to houses.)

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson