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Mohnyin's Rail Steam Crane

Our trip to Myitkyina and Mohnin in Kachin State for stationary steam power brought mixed results - see Portable Paradise and The Pinbaw Wizard. One bonus was the chance to visit Mohnyin's locomotive depot, which being off the beaten track knows nothing about charging foreigners for admission. It was only a brief visit in the rain at dusk before catching our train back south, plinthed here is M class 157, with its original Bagnall plate (2320):

On the active list nearby is this Cowan's steam crane, dating from 1945:

For the stationary steam purist, one special feature is this vertical pump from Weirs, which I assume is a boiler feedwater pump. 

Judging from the state of the track up here, it must see regular use....

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson