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Indonesia 1977, Part 12 West Sumatra beyond the Mountains

Derek Huntriss had what he describes as 'his best ever trip' to Indonesia in 1977. You may like to compare what he saw with what I saw a year earlier in Java although he had less time available and also went to West and Norrth Sumatra. He and companion John Hunt very loosely attached to the Dorridge Travel Group which t hey used for cheap flights, the special train at Ambarawa and also to chase the train between Kediri and Pare. As you will see, he took every opportunity to do a bit of 'riding on the loco'.. I believe these pages will be of special interest to Indonesian enthusiasts who will be very grateful to Derek for making these pictures available. If you are one of them, please respect his copyright and thereby ensure that further such pages will appear from time to time. The "I" in the captions refers to webmaster RD who has actually written most of the captions after reference to Derek - a real role reversal as Derek has often done the same job for a number of books he has helped produce.

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The rack operation was so attractive that it was easy to forget that there was another long section of adhesion railway. However, parts of it ran alongside Lake Singkarak and the motive power was the extraordinary class of 2-12-2T, the F10.  All pictures in this section were taken on 10th August 1977.

Two of these (F1023 and F1025) were at the main shed for this section at Solok:

A third F10 was in steam for shunting, unlike the others which were delivered here, F1004 had recently been transferred from Java, it was at Kertosono in May 1976:

Fortunately, a coal train was scheduled to work to Batutabal, which they were able to chase. F1015 was another recent arrival from Java and it had a comfortable load of just six fulls which was the standard maximum load for two E10s on the later rack section:

The water in the foreground is Lake Singkarak:

There was plenty of time for two more traditional shots as the train swept past, the long wheelbase is especially impressive when seen from the rear and below::

The final shot was across the lake with the inevitable storm clouds building over the mountains to the west.

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Rob Dickinson